Why Slipcovered Furniture? 

 A Comprehensive Guide

Rugs blue striped coastal rugs

Slipcovered Furniture is a classic staple in any coastal style home.  Classic Slipcovered Seating creates a relaxed coastal feel that is inviting and extremely comfortable. It is the quintessential style of a summer beach house. They remind us of easy, breezy days and the comfort of a soft down blanket. No Coastal Style home is complete without this tried and true classic look. Whether you have a beach bungalow, an ocean front estate, a lake house or just love the coastal look, having The Best Slipcovered Furniture is the foundation of Coastal Style and for good reason.  The silhouette of slipcovered furniture is classic and timeless. The naturally relaxed esthetic of slipcovered furniture reflects the mood of a casual beach retreat.  Slipcovers are practical and easy to keep clean.  They can be easily removed  to wash...making them worry free! An added benefit is the ability to change the slipcover to a different fabric for the season or just a refresh. With just a change of the slipcovered fabric, the furniture will look brand new and extends the longevity of the furniture making it a wise investment. Coastal Slipcovered furniture comes in many different styles and are available in sofas, sleep sofas, sectionals, swivel chairs, accent chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, dining chairs and beds. The fabric choices range from organic cotton, linen to performance fabrics. Comfort is a priority in our slipcovered furniture. Our top of the line cushions are feather and down. The seat consists of a foam  core that is surrounded by a channeled envelope for 90% Organic feathers and 10% down. Down cover is made of cotton down proof ticking. The comfort this gives is unsurpassed. 

Slipcovered Sofas and Sectionals

Slipcovered furniture is the foundation for every beach house. It creates that relaxed summer vibe that we all love. Slipcovered sofas and sectionals come in so many elegant design options and sumptuous summer fabrics like cotton and linen. They are made with thoughtful sustainability and are eco friendly. You can be confident that our slipcovered furniture will transform your house into a home with your health in mind. There are many available styles of slipcovered sofas and sectionals that were deigned for comfort and style.....from rolled arm, track arm, flared arm and European arms with many sizes to choose from. These handcrafted pieces are made with only the finest materials in the US. The styles range from classic to contemporary.  Comfort and durability is enhanced with goose feathers and down cushions. When you sit in a quality slipcovered sofa you feel the difference. 

Long White Slipcovered Sofa
Coastal Style Slipcovered Sofas

Elegant eco-friendly designs handcrafted in the US with sustainability in mind,

Slipcovered Chairs, Chaises & Beds

 Slipcovered furniture is also available in a variety of chair designs....from large deep seat chairs to smaller accent chairs. They also come in swivel or swivel glider chairs.  In addition, we have always loved our best selling supremely comfortable large chaise lounge.  It's great in a living area or a bed room. It's a favorite spot to curl up and read a book. Our Classic Montauk Slipcovered Bed will make your master suite so inviting, that it will be tough to leave. The comfort of a soft fabric head board is luxurious and practical. Just remove the slipcover and wash occasionally to keep it looking clean and fresh for years.

blue rug with paint chip design
slipcovered swivel chair
slipcovered chaise lounge

Our Best Selling Montauk Slipcovered Bed has an inviting neatly rounded wing back headboard and comes with side rails and foot rail. A clean but casual coastal style bed.

How to Style With Slip0covered Furniture

When designing a living area or bedroom, we often start with the largest pieces first....the sofa, sectional or bed.  Selecting from the many options available in slipcovered furniture is the first step. Slipcovered furniture is the best choice when you want furniture that is timeless, practical and comfortable.  As designers we always plan the size of the furniture in a scaled drawing to be sure the pieces fit well in the room. You can also mark out the size of the pieces in the room with painters tape.  Some furniture suppliers, like Our Boat House have designers that can assist you with sizes and floor plans to make sure you are ordering the proper size and scale for your room.  It's well worth taking the time to have a professional help you make the best choices in size and scale for your space to ensure you will be happy with the results. Our Boat House Designers are happy to help. 

  The Second thing to decide on is the fabric for the slipcovered furniture. Our Boat House has many beautiful natural cottons and linens that are the finest available in the world. We believe the comfort of natural fabrics is the key to a beautiful slipcovered sofa. Natural fabrics are breathable and feel soft on your skin giving it that relaxed, natural feel. There are also performance fabrics that are meant to hold up to the toughest use. Performance fabrics are made to be stain and fade resistant, easy to wipe down if there is a spill and are also antimicrobial. Performance fabrics are a good choice for people with rental homes or have kids and pets.  In general, we usually select a neutral fabric for the larger pieces and add in patterns on smaller accent chairs and pillows. 

natural jute blue striped rug
large slipcovered sectional in linen
Slipcovered Bed

Slipcovered Furniture comes in everything from small accent chairs, to deep sectionals with a chaise lounge, to Luxurious Beds.

Maintenance & Care Of Slipcovered Furniture

Natural Fabrics like cotton and linen are some of our favorite fabrics for slipcovers. Cotton is breathable, soft, hypoallergenic and durable. All 100 percent Cotton slipcovers can be machine washed. For cottons that are white or tan, you can use OxyClean to brighten and machine wash in cool water with a low enzyme detergent, preferably one without a bluing agent. For darker cottons, wash in cold water, no brighteners or chlorine bleach. Then tumble dry on low heat until 80 percent dry. slightly damp and place back on the frame and cushions. Linen is one of the strongest natural fibers and we love the soft feel of linen. It only gets better with age. It's absorbent, breathable, and durable. We recommend dry cleaning most linen slipcovers. Some linen blends can be washed in cool water on gentle cycle and dried flat - tumble on low heat and put on while slightly damp.

Where to Buy Slipcovered Furniture

When shopping for Slipcovered Furniture, it is important to shop retailers who are known for quality. You want to be sure your investment in slipcovered furniture will last and not have to be replaced in a year or two. Some of the best places to purchase slipcovered furniture include online retailers, like Our Boat House, which specializes in coastal decor and quality coastal style furniture. Other places to shop for slipcovered furniture is home decor stores and department stores.  When shopping for Furniture make sure to measure your space to ensure that the slipcovered furniture fits properly. Also, consider the size of entryways or elevators, if applicable, to make sure the furniture can be brought into the space. Many times people forget to check if it will fit down a hallway or up a flight of stairs. We recommend buying from a retailer who has designers, like Our Boat House, to assist you in making sure you select the right size and configuration for your space. 

Commonly asked questions about Slipcovered furniure...

Where is the slipcovered Furniture made and how long does it take to order?

Most of our Slipcovered Furniture is made in the United States  Our Slipcovered furniture is made to order and generally takes about 8 to 10 weeks, but we also stock many of our most popular Slipcovered Pieces and we will assist you in getting your project done quickly if you are on a deadline.

Do you offer design advise?

In a nutshell, absolutely! We offer design advise in a variety of formats. ..In-Home, In-Store, From a Distance and Virtual. Our Design Staff is here to help you if you just want one piece or need an entire house furnished. We love what we do and it is our pleasure to help our clients.