Coastal Wall Decor

& conversation-worthy art

 Custom Art, Mirrors & Decorative Wall Accents add an element of interest and style to a room like no other. A quality piece of fine coastal art provides the framework for the room. It dictates the color, theme and focus. A unique mirror can expand the space, reflect light and create it's own focal point. 

Wall Decor usually adds texture, depth, height and interest to a wall that needs that little something extra special.


One of our favorite categories...where you can let your own style and personality shine. Art is beautiful to everyone for different reasons, embrace what you love and incorporate it into your coastal home to allow it to shine. Our selection of coastal art, mirrors & wall hangings are the perfect finishing touches with just the right amount of nautical reflection.Coastal mirrors, wall hangings and art from our beach house collection is the perfect finishing touch to complete your coastal living space. Whether it be a beach house cottage, a lakeside retreat, an oceanfront home or an abode dreaming of the sea. The collection consists of unique mirrors, coastal art and wall hangings that will make a statement in various locations. Our large Chain Link Mirror in an entry, foyer or living room is the perfect focal point. The Authentic porthole mirrors are ideal for the coastal powder room or kids nautical themed room. Additional mirrors made of shells, driftwood, and other natural materials are the best way to reflect a seaside style. Large Driftwood Wall Hangings are most impressive and each tells their own story. Envisioning the journey and lives that have intertwined in the history of each unique piece creates a personal story for each person who views it. Coastal Art - Beautiful pictures of colorful boats, sea fans in shadowboxes, calming images of sea life, driftwood seahorses, nautical flags ... can each be selected to reflect your own interests and personality.

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