All of our Slipcovered Collections have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from and making a selection can prove challenging with so many options. A good rule of thumb is to decide on two main factors: First Factor would be what preference is the overall look/color of the piece and Second Factor is what kind of fabric will work best for the use of this piece get? We offer multiple colors and material, but we will use white as the color and explain more details about materials.

We offer three custom slipcovered collections that all have various styles, sizes, configurations and fabrics to choose from. You will easily find the best solution for your living room without sacrificing your style or budget. Each slipcovered collection offers various seating options in various styles. Some that are classic, modern, studio size, oversized and more. Once you find your style, determine what pieces you need by size and fit. Next, you will determine the line of seating that fits your style, size and then explore cushion types. Don't forget about the seat fill. Our collections have various fill that provide a lifetime of comfort. Final decision would be fabric choices. Fabric determines most of what the final product will look like.

The best choice of fabric for the slipcovers for beach house slipcovered furniture is either 100% cotton or performance fabric. The choice is yours - both are great options. 100% cotton is easily washed and, as with clothing, the more it’s washed the softer it gets. The Performance fabrics, typically are stain resistant, fade resistant and will require less laundering as you can easily wipe spots clean because the fabric repels, limiting absorption. Today's performance fabrics are soft to the touch and climate friendly. Don't forget about the seat fill. Our collections have various fill that provide a lifetime of comfort.


So we'll start with white for a color, as that is the most popular choice for Our Boat House customers. Do you want white fabric that is cotton that you can machine wash, feels super soft and maintenance free OR how about a somewhat what crisp, smooth sailcloth with Crypton OR say you love the look of a wrinkle white Belgian linen that shows it's all about an easy appearance of comfort? Don't worry if white is not your color - all of these would apply to say aqua blue. Select aqua blue in color, then figure out what material you want that works with the use. Then, once you have established the look and qualities that fit your lifestyle then it's time to fine tune the fabric. A popular choice today from our collections offer some fabrics that are performance fabrics.Basically, ‘performance fabric’ is used to describe any fabric specifically designed to withstand serious wear and tear while being easy to clean. The idea is simple — your pets, kids, and busy schedule are no match for the durable, stain resistant qualities of these fabrics, which makes them ideal for slipcovers or upholstery in hardworking spaces of your home. Our manufacturers offer one or more of the following performance fabrics in their library: Crypton, Sunbrella, Inside Out and Breathe by Milliken.


Most clients start with a desired type of seating from one of our collections, then, within that collection the next decision is the color or pattern of fabric and then we find which Performance fits within that criteria to build the cost of the sofa. We do transfer fabrics from one collection to another as well as using outside fabrics or COM-Customer's Own Material to slipcover any one of the pieces from our collections .Crypton® Home Fabric's performance technology is resistant to stains and odors and comes in an array of fabrics and textures.It's clean, too: Crypton® was awarded the GREENGUARD® Gold Certification, meaning that it has low chemical emissions which makes for healthier indoor air quality.If you're looking to furnish outdoor spaces, look no further than Crypton® Outdoor:all of the stain-resistant features of Crypton® Home, plus enhanced anti-microbial protection and fibers that are UV-resistant for up to 1000 hours. A note on the key differences between Sunbrella® and Crypton®:  Crypton® is stain repellant while Sunbrella®is not. Both are fade and mildew-resistant and both are easy to clean, but only Sunbrella® is bleach-able.


Early on, Sunbrella® set out to make awning canvases because they wanted their awnings to last longer than those made from cotton. With the success of awnings, they added fabrics for interior and exterior upholstery fabrics in addition to marine textiles. Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to fading from sunlight and chemical exposure; they're also mold and mildew resistant and can be power-washed and bleached.Further, Sunbrella fabrics can be used to make drapes and curtains, as well as cushion covers, pillows, home accessories and of course, fully upholstered pieces; meaning you can furnish entire rooms knowing just how long they'll last (and how easy they'll be to clean).Most importantly: the fabrics come in a range of styles that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.


Linen or Linen-cotton blend slipcovers are a popular choice. When using a pre-washed or washable linen, the material becomes softer and more comfortable with a natural wrinkle, a great casual-coastal option. Some linen will stay smoother and flatter, though they will still wrinkle with use. Belgium Linen and imported Belgian Linen make for beautiful slipcover choices. Some linens have performance properties added but will diminish with washings.


  • Whites : keep the main seating crisp, clean and relatively neutral. White cottons can be brightened and white allows any accent color into the space.
  • Tans/Neutrals: keep the space a safe, a good light color choice that feels natural and organic and it also allows a variety of accent colors.
  • Blues: define a look, hides everyday use fairly well, offers a coastal feel whether it is pale, sky, aqua, navy or a classic stripe.
  • Greys: define a cooler look and feel, hides everyday use fairly well,  when lighter -offers a modern feel.
  • Red/Coral:  the flip side of nautical blues with bold warmth and energy.


  • Stripes: Perfect for accent chairs or pillows. Wider stripes for sofas. Great for Slipcovered Dining Chairs
  • Paisley: Perfect for accent chairs or pillows only.
  • Batik Prints or Medallion: Another great selection for accent chairs, ottomans or pillows.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric - FAQ:

Can you wash slipcovered fabric? 

  • People who buy slipcovered furniture do so because they want the look, the comfort and equally important is the worry-free lifestyle that it affords. Many slipcovered fabrics are machine washable for this reason. The fabric is pre-washed prior to manufacturing the slipcover so there is no worry about shrinkage. Sunbrella fabrics are also a great option and these fabrics are extremely durable, washable and both stain and fade resistant. There are also many fabrics to choose from that are not washable but can be easily dry cleaned and/or professionally cleaned depending on the fabric content. 

Is slipcovered fabric kid friendly? 

  • Slipcovered furniture is the perfect choice for a family with children of any age. The ease of removing the slipcovers and laundering makes for no stress living. Let the kids be kids and know that the proper slipcover fabric choice is the key for longevity. Additional slipcovers can also be purchased for about half the price any time in the future for as long as you own the slipcovered furniture. 

Does slipcovered furniture wear out or fade? 

  • Slipcovered furniture made in the USA is held to a much higher standard than those made overseas. We highly recommend choosing your slipcovered furniture with this in mind. Slipcovered furniture made with hard woods, corner blocks, double doweled and sinuous springs are vital keys in the quality and durability of the furniture. Eco-friendly products are also key factors in the quality and durability of the furniture. The key to comfort is the content and density of the cushion so be sure to understand the type of cushion and it’s contents that you are purchasing. Slipcovers should be made with quality workmanship, reinforced seams and quality fabrics to ensure a long lasting durable product. Products in the made in the USA have strict quality assurance programs in place to ensure the end product is of best quality. The best of fabrics are subject to fading when in a room with sunlight. If sunlight and fading is a concern we would recommend having the slipcover made in an acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella or Outdura. 

Can slipcovered furniture go outside? 

  • Outdoor slipcovered patio furniture with bright colors withstands both harsh rays from the hot sun and coastal elements from rain and salt water. Strong slipcover fabric such as Sunbrella is constructed with impressive ratings. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is manufactured to withstand the elements, let water drain and built to resist mold and mildew. Simply pressure wash the furniture with slipcover on as needed and the furniture will look brand new. 

How to measure slipcovered sofas? 

  • Deciding on the size of a slipcovered sofa can be a challenge. The two biggest criteria are the room size and the height of the users. You want to select a sofa size that is scaled properly for the room and is also comfortable and purposeful for the end user. It is best to provide a floor plan with dimensions of the room and have a professional furniture layout done. We provide this service at no cost but if you are a do-it-yourselfer you can do it the old fashion way and tape out the size on the floor with masking tape and try to envision how it will feel and look. As for the size for comfort, we recommend professional guidance for selecting the right size based on height and planned use to ensure the most comfortable choice. If you have a sofa that you love you can also measure the seat depth, seat height, arm height and back height and pick one that closely fits those dimensions. Our design team is here to help, please email: info@ourboathouse.com for design assistance.