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Select from a wide variety of nautical pendants, sea-inspired chandeliers, coastal lamps, sconces and more.

Make a style statement by adding one of our coastal home lighting fixtures to any room in the house - inside or out. 

       Coastal Lighting

Our Nautical Lighting creates that classic beach house feel in any part of the home.  Our Coastal Lighting Collection consists of many different styles, all of which create a radiant glow making your home feel warm and welcoming. Each lighting collection is designed to complement many different styles, whether it's the traditional beach house, a modern home with coastal style or a bohemian beach-side apartment with hints of coastal flare. Many of our nautical specialty lights were once used on ships and are top-quality marine grade. For the Dining Room, count on one of our coastal-inspired chandeliers or ornate pendants that are uniquely crafted, available in many different shapes, styles and in multiple sizes.



Our chandeliers are made from natural materials, driftwood, Iron, sea glass, shells and rope all all of which exude warmth and rustic charm. Our hanging lights consist of a collection of old and new made from natural materials including fishnet, bamboo, copper, rain forest vines and jute. Our marine grade copper fox lights salvaged from old ships from around the world are perfect over a dining table or a group of three over a kitchen counter. Our Coastal Sconces include rustic iron wall sconces with a time worn patina, authentic brass and aluminum ship passageway lights, elegant mirrored glass sconces and sconces made of coral and seashells. A must for your nautical lighting collection. Our extensive collection of Coastal Lamps offer an air of depth and richness for the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful beach house. Table lamps and floor lamps made from driftwood, seashells, polished nickel, glass, natural rope, jute, coral, pale blue glass with hues from the sea. Also, the classic blue and white. Be the envy of your waterfront community with our beautiful Nautical Dock Lighting that have and will stand the test of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of exterior lighting for homes by salt water?

A good choice would be some of our Nautical lighting made of brass, copper and stainless steel. These hold up best to harsh elements found living in a home by the salt water. Cast brass outdoor fixtures withstand corrosive salt environments and the piece will patina nicely with age.  

How to select the best style of chandelier for a space?

It is best to determine first what the style of your space is as well as the dining room table shape/direction. Decide on the overall feel of the home for the style choice: formal homes go with glass beads, brass or crystal. For a coastal, casual home try a driftwood, seashell or wood piece. For modern coastal, go with a clean-lined linear pendant style or polished nickel in finish.

How do you determine the best size chandelier for a dining table?

You want the chandelier to be a focal point but not overwhelm the space.  If a dining room is 15' x 20', then the diameter of your chandelier should be in the neighborhood of about 35 inches. For the clearance in the dining room, another guide is that the chandelier should be 1/2 to 3/4 inches the width of the dining table as to not over-power the space. A linear chandelier looks best with a rectangular table and an oval or circular chandelier looks good with a round table. In order to determine the height of the chandelier, it is important to take into account the over all scale of the room and hang it allowing a clearance of 30 -32 inches above the dining table. 

What is the best nautical lighting for a deck or dock with piling lights?

The best nautical lighting would be made of brass, ability to take UL wiring and be surface mountable so that it can be adhered to the top of the piling post.

How many light fixtures and what size is best for over a kitchen island?

Pendants can be hung separately or hung from one rod/chain and have a linear fixture drop from that. The amount of lights depends on the size of the island.  Space the pendant light every 2'-2'-6 inches above a kitchen island and keep in mind the size of the light as to not overpower the island size: length & depth. Smaller Islands 4'-5' in length pair well with a single large pendant or two smaller pendants. Large kitchen islands of 6' plus, require two to three pendants spread out so the light covers the work surface well. 

Also consider do you want this as task lighting or ambient lighting? It's always nice to add a dimmer option when using the island lighting as ambient lighting. 

Should lighting match throughout the house?

Lighting does not need to match throughout the home although it's best to maintain a few finish choices and not mix too many. For instance, if the table lamps are nickel and glass, maybe keep nickel as the finish on the pendant and chandelier. Keep a theme or style consistent if you do mix metals and materials often.

What's the best location for mounting sconce lighting?

Sconce lighting best suits passageways, flanking a piece of art or a mirror on a focal point wall/in the bathroom. Sconces look great on the exterior of the home to illuminate the entrance.

If you have interior wall sconces, a good placement is to mount them to accent art or mirrors is 6' above the finished floor when when the ceiling is 8'. For 9' plus, mount them an extra 6 inches.

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