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Coastal Lighting

We offer a wide variety of sea-inspired light fixtures from nautical pendants, shell chandeliers, unique lamps, beautiful wall sconces and more. Make a style statement by adding one of our fixtures for the entrance, the living room, the dining room, kitchen pendants, vanity sconces as well as ship authentic lighting in the bathroom, kids room, patio or dock. We have a variety of fixtures that will illuminate any room in the house - inside or out. Materials such as driftwood, copper, iron and rope will bring an earthy natural feel to the space while adding texture, dimension and drama. Rustic lanterns with a time worn patina and rustic candle pendants will bring you back in time to memories of simpler times. Handmade sea shell chandeliers and the seaward coral chandelier will bring elegance and instant beach house charm. Our Coastal Style Hanging Lights are a collection of unique Nautical Light Fixtures that are the perfect statement piece for any home with coastal style. Our hanging lights consist of a collection of old and new made from natural materials including fishnet, bamboo, copper, rain forest vines and jute. Our marine grade copper fox lights salvaged from old ships from around the world. Maritime Lighting such as our Cargo Fox Ship lights made of copper and brass can be used over a kitchen counter, dining table or pool table. These fixtures have the history of living many years on the sea and are sure to bring the sea and it's allure into your friend and family's favorite gathering spot.

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Found in Nature

Shell, Bead and Coral Chandeliers

Our Collection of Nautical Chandeliers and Beach House Hanging lights will bring drama and distinction to every room in your coastal home. An eye catcher in any room, our selection of nautical lighting items include iron and rope chandeliers, shell chandeliers, copper fox lights, sea glass pendants, rustic lanterns with a time worn patina, rustic candle pendants, handmade sea shell chandeliers, plus much more. Coastal Chandeliers and Hanging lights will bring drama and distinction to your coastal style home. Incorporating beautiful, unique chandeliers and hanging lights in your entry, dining room kitchen and master bedroom will make a statement, add warmth and define each space. The goal is to have lighting that blends perfectly with your coastal style house decor while creating just the right mood for relaxed evenings far from demands of the day.Coastal Seashell Chandeliers made from natural materials are a great choice for beach house living. 

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Ship Salvage

Authentic Ship Lights

Our Boat House is one of the country's largest suppliers of authentic ship lighting. Add a of touch of history with an authentic ship's copper light over a kitchen island. Our Fox Lights once lit the cargo bays of old ships.

Solid brass dock lighting such our Belfast light or Nautical Masthead Piling Light  will add everlasting richness to your docks, decks or entryways.  Make a statement with such a unique piece. Wired for  light or leave as-is for a decorative element.

Our solid brass or aluminum sconces, such as the convoy sconce or the 90 degree passageway lights, are perfect for bath rooms, hallways, entry ways or just as an accent light in a living room. Order wired or unwired, if you prefer.

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Chandeliers and Hanging Lights

Nautical Lighting Collection

Our Nautical Lighting Collection creates that classic beach house feel in any part of the home.  Our Coastal Lights consists of many different styles, all of which create a radiant glow making your home feel warm and welcoming. Each lighting collection is designed to complement many different styles, whether it's the traditional beach house, a modern home with coastal style or a bohemian beach-side apartment with hints of coastal flare. Many of our nautical specialty lights were once used on ships and are top-quality marine grade. Have a question about Nautical Lights? Check our our FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best nautical lighting for a deck or dock with piling lights?

The best nautical lighting would be made of brass, ability to take UL wiring and be surface mountable so that it can be adhered to the top of the piling post. Take a look at the Brass Four Post Light, the Helinski Light, the Belfast Dock Light and the Brass Masthead light.

Can I order a light without wiring?

Absolutely, we do offer Certified UL Lighting for all our ship lights. You can note if you wish for them to be damp rated (outdoor covered or bathroom) or standard rating. You can order unwired, but please note to use a Certified Electrician as once it's wired, the fixture is yours forever and must be wired safely.

How can brass hold up in saltwater areas?

Brass is a hard metal that holds up well in all environments and is made from a combination of copper and zinc. Brass will “patina” or turn darker over time as it is exposed to the elements, but it will not corrode and is a great option for outdoor and landscape lighting.