PVC Rugs

FREE of BHP/ Dioxenes / Phalates / Plastizisers

Our vinyl rugs are hypo-allergenic, fade resistant (up to 10,000 full sun hours), mildew resistant and safe for your babies nursery, pets and for every room indoors and out.

PVC Rugs

Perfect as a Runner!

Entryway or Stairs

Our rugs won't slip on any surface, do not require padding and have a warming effect on tile & stone floors.

Worry Free!

These incredible PVC rugs are the answer to your messiest of areas! Perfect on a deck, patio or boat and equally wonderful in a family room, kids room, mud rooms or kitchen.  

These vinyl rugs are made from 57% common household salt and 43 % oil, which are infinite resources. Recyclable # 2 in most state run recycling programs.

Non-Slip and Almost Indestructible

Perfect for Boats & Yachts

Our PVC/Vinyl area rugs are made of the same material as is used for the embossed wall application on Airplanes, Cruise Ships and in dashboards of Automobiles. They are made to last and will hold up to harsh elements.

Custom Size& Finish Options

Our PVC rugs can be ordered in custom sizes and colors/patterns by choosing up to 6 colors from over 100 colors & 10 metallic colors. Minimum order of 80 sq ft. applies. We offer machine stitched ends and fringed edges.