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We carry a vast array of pieces salvaged from old ships and ship yards alike - such as old ship wheels, vintage wood oars, passageway lights and rope pulleys. It's authentic, vintage nautical pieces like these that make a home feel as though the decor used took years of traveling, acquiring and collecting to create such an interesting eclectic sea-worthy space. Using our nautical decorative elements in a simplistic manner will bring warmth, history, interest, character and uniqueness to your home that you can refer to as your own coastally-inspired escape. 

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Nautical decor utilizes true marine elements and coastal natural materials to create an eclectic environment that soothes the soul like a day at the beach. Today’s innovation combines seashell, sea glass, driftwood, rustic wrought iron, and other nautical elements that are unique and have an artistic quality. Tastefully adding items salvaged off old ships and ship yards like old ship wheels, vintage wood oars, passageway lights and rope pulleys makes a home feel as though it took years of traveling and collecting to create your interesting eclectic space. Use of these nautical decor elements in a simplistic manner will bring warmth, history, interest and uniqueness to create a space that you can call your very own sea-inspired escape.

We have a supply of sea glass decor, driftwood decor, shell decor, rope and vintage brass items.

There are also nautical antiques that are rich in history and weathered with time for a beautifully classical look that add character to any room.

Can't find something special in regard to a nautically inspired piece?

Don't hesistate to contact us and if we do not have it, then we will find it for you.


Common Nautical Materials

Sea Glass Floats & Decor

Authentic Seaglass floats weathered by the sand, sun & saltwater can be used as an accent on shelves, coffee tables, two on each side of a console table or however you wish. They add a unique element that is authentically aged and weathered by the sea. Each having a history of its own.Hanging a sea glass chandelier in a dining room, living area or bedroom is perfect way to capture the colors of the sea in your coastal style home. There are many sizes, styles and colors to choose from. We particularly love the seaglass chandelier that has elegant silver finish on wrought iron with sea glass accents, it adds just the right amount of coastal decor with a modern simplistic feel. You can also add a touch of soothing sea glass green to your bedroom or living room with our elegant sea glass green table lamp.

Do It Yourself with Seaglass! There are many DIY projects that can create an elegant coastal feel by incorporating sea glass. An easy, fun way to add sea glass decor is with a DIY sea glass mirror. Take the treasures you’ve found along the shore and spruce up a basic mirror to add a pop of aqua blues and sea greens. A DIY accent table is a great way to display sea glass as well. Place them along the top of a table and put a glass top over. If you’d like to add an element of the sea to your outdoor living space you can create your very own sea glass wind chime. A more subtle way to incorporate sea glass is to fill a jar, whether its a mason jar or a smaller lantern, with all different kinds of sea glass and place 

it on a console table or coffee table as an accent.

Nautical Rope Decor

By incorporating rope into your decor you can create a coastal environment with ease. Rope found from shipyards is typically thick and worn in all the right places. With it's own natural color, texture, chunkiness and character - nautical rope can be mixed in many different ways. Some of our favorite ways to incorporate nautical rope include a DIY staircase railing which can be created with cleats and rope instead of wooden newels. Rope can also be integrated into lighting, whether it’s a statement chandelier, a rope floor lamp or a rope table lamp. These add a natural element that reminds everyone of the sea and days on the boat. Nautical furniture made out of rope is unique way to add the nautical touch without overdoing the room with too much nautical decor. A rope mirror, waste basket, or tissue holder can create a coastal theme in any bathroom and can be a fun DIY project. Rope ottomans and knot door stoppers are also a great way to incorporate a touch of nautical to any room. Coil a thick rope in a large glass jar to create an interesting nautical decor accent piece.

Shell Decor

Everyone has fond memories of collecting shells and searching for the perfect one during summer vacations. Shell Decor is unique, whimsical, beachy and can be the simplest way to add white and sandy neutrals to your coastal style beach house. A few of our favorite ways to bring shell decor into the home is by adding a beautiful oyster shell chandelier over the dining table or in the entry. Display lamps holding your own collection of shells that you have gathered is another way to add shell decor with a personal touch. Shell mirrors are also a beautiful way to accent a wall over your slipcovered sofa or replace old art work that you are no longer loving anywhere in the house. Outdoors we love to place in a special spot that can be seen from inside our sea shell birdbath. It’s a great way to see nature and bring the outdoors inside.

Nautical Driftwood Decor

When you want to add nautical decor to your home that is unique and adds texture and dimension there is no better material to use than driftwood. Each driftwood piece has a story of it’s own and has been weathered by the sea and sun for many years. Our best seller is by far our Driftwood Tables - dining, coffee, side, console each one is handcrafted by an artist so there are no two alike. It’s a great way to have a piece of art that is also functional as a nautical piece of furniture. Driftwood Lighting - chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps are also very popular and add drama and warmth to any room. A large driftwood mirrors and driftwood art statement pieces can also be a great way to make a nautical space interesting while not cluttering up the space with too many small nautical decor accents. We have often hung a large interesting piece of weathered driftwood over the master bad and another popular item is our driftwood seahorse which can be hung in a bedroom or any other room in the house. We have many customers who give him a name as soon as he is hung and he quickly becomes part of the family.

Nautical Brass

Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc that has been produced for millennia and is valued for its workability, hardness, corrosion resistance and attractive appearance. Lighting is a perfect way to add this element in your nautical decor. Lighting salvaged from old ships are many times made of brass and copper because they have proven to stand the test of time in harsh salt environments. Our most popular lights are our vintage copper and brass fox lights once used to light the cargo area on the ship. They can be grouped as three in medium to light a countertop or pool table. Our large copper fox light is perfect as a nautical statement in a front entry or as the perfect lighting for over the kitchen table. Our brass passageway lights are also popular and they make a unique nautical statement when used on either side of a front entry door or on a nautical deck. Brass piling lights are perfect to light the deck to your boat and or as a special nautical statement on both sides of an entry to your house. Brass is also commonly used in nautical decor accents such as cleats and telescopes.

Nautical Theme Decor For Your Coastal Home

Explore the different styles of nautical home decor. 

Several coastal decor styles can be used as styling aids when accessorizing your coastal home interiors.

  • Antique nautical decor

  • Rustic nautical decor

  • Lake house decor

  • Ship and Maritime decor

  • Coastal cottage decor

  • Modern nautical decor

Nautical Antiques & Rustic Nautical Decor

Marine and authentic ship treasures are some of the vintage nautical decor you’ll find from old shipyards and hole in the wall antique shows selling this type of nautical decor. Specialty Antique Nautical Decor that is not cheesy, as many time cheap replicas are, add history, quality and uniqueness that gives a rich nautical flair to any space. We are always searching for the next treasure to be found. We love to include any or all of the following in our nautical home or restaurant projects: Authentic Copper Divers Helmet, Portholes, Authentic Lighting Salvaged from Old Ships, Wood pulleys, Weathered oars, Buoys, Ship lanterns, Ship wheels, Teak ship grates, Rope riggings and any other hard to find authentic nautical decor. Rustic nautical decor includes distressed finishes meant to look like antiques, even when the product has been newly crafted. This type of decor adds appeal by incorporating the texture and warn finish of something that might be thought to have quite an extensive history

Lake House Decor

Home Decor that supports life by the lake is worry free, fun, comfortable and welcoming. Lake House Living is all about relaxing, unwinding, laughing, fishing, swimming, sitting by the fire and playing. An absolute must in any lake house decor is quality, comfy, washable slipcovered furniture. Welcoming seating that is cozy and kid friendly and pet friendly. The rest of the furniture is typically painted furniture in fun primary colors or whimsical pastels or furniture made of reclaimed wood that gives a rustic cozy touch. Another must is a hanging bed on the porch with cozy colorful pillows to snuggle up to take a nap or read a book. Shipyard finds can also be added to any lake house decor to give authenticity and history. Adding old weathered oars crossed over the bed or replacing a bathroom mirror with an original porthole that is mirrored are two classic ways to add a touch of nautical decor to your lake house.

Ship & Maritime Decor

Maritime history is the study of human activity at sea and “maritime decor” includes all of the items used to facilitate life at sea. Authentic Maritime Decor has become very popular as a way to bring that nautical touch of history into your home. The age and quality of authentic maritime decor is something that is of the past as now-a-days,  typically, it has been repalced by plastics as the new choice for manufacturing. This makes the search for vintage maritime pieces for home decor even more exciting and interesting. The quality of authentic ship decor has stood the test of time and will add drama, warmth and intrigue to any home. 

Examples of our favorite Maritime Decor include: Authentic ship lighting, piling lights, ship anchor lanterns, ship doors, port holes, copper divers helmet, weathered old oars, ships telegraph, ship wheels, wood pulleys, rope riggings,life preservers, vintage canoes, cargo nets and more. 

Coastal Cottage Decor

Coastal Cottage Decor typically has the common theme of being comfy, cozy, sometime a bit shabby-chic, welcoming, eclectic and meant to be lived in. Coastal Cottage Life is where memories are made. A must have for any coastal cottage is classic white slipcovered furniture that is comfortable, cozy and easy to live with. A seating area that makes you want to curl up read a book or take an afternoon nap. Painted cottage furniture in warm pastels or classic blues & whites is also an essential. A hanging bed or oversized slipcovered chaise on the porch is a great way to make the outside feel like another room to gather and relax. Many times furniture made of reclaimed wood or an old farmers table is used to add warmth and history. Shiplath or beadboard on an accent wall is another popular way to add a coastal cottage flair.

Modern Nautical Decor

Many times in the past you wouldn’t think of modern and nautical in the same sentence but we are now seeing the two overlap and spaces created that have simple clean lines that are fresh and interesting. The use of colors of the sea like seaglass greens, sandy neutrals and watery blues makes for a soothing modern space. Also bold colors in acrylic abstract art is popular. Simple slipcovered furniture with track arms in bleached white with an exposed metal leg is a perfect take on converting an old classic to contemporary. Directors chairs are classic simple clean lines that are purposeful and make a statement in any room. A collection of seafans in simple silver frames is a modern way to incorporate decor with nautical coastal style. Aluminum ship lights are also often used in homes with modern nautical style.

Nautical Home Decorations

for every room...

Any and all areas of the home can have a touch of Nautical Decor. The key is to incorporate nautical room decor with style and cautiousness. Less is more applies to any home decor, but especially when you are talking nautical. 

Nautical can quickly become kitschy or tasteless, if not done well with careful consideration. 

We will touch on many more throughout this article but here are a few of our favorites by room.

  • Living room - driftwood wall art, oars, telescope, coral, classic coastal colors, classic slipcovered furniture in white, blues or sandy neutrals.

  • Kitchen - a series Authentic Ship Cargo light in copper hung over kitchen counter or one over the kitchen table. Slipcovered counter stools in classic navy and white stripe.

  • Outdoor - hanging swing bed hung with natural rope and filled with comfy pillows in nautical coastal colors, a grouping of pilings held together by rope with an authentic ship piling light on top of the tallest, Old Ship Anchor Lanterns hung from tree branches of roof line will add drama and warmth, Jelly fish hanging lights are shiny, unique and whimsical.

  • Bedroom - Large weathered driftwood hung over the bed, use colors like seafoam greens or classic navy, old weathered oars hung over the bed, a rope table lamp for the nightstand.

  • Office - Utilize directors chair for the captain, hang a ships wheel on the wall, use model sailboat and authentic divers helmet as the perfect nautical room decor for an office.

  • Bathroom - Hang an authentic porthole mirror with salvage ship passageway lights as sconces on both sides. Use authentic brass cleats as a towel/robe holder.

  • Restaurant - add as much authentic lighting salvaged from old ships as possible, use old weathered oars, seaglass balls, natural rope, cleats, portholes, telescopes, old divers helmet as the perfect nautical restaurant decor to create a space that has intrigue, history and the feel of being on an old ship.

Nautical Decor for the Living Room

The living room is the place where we gather, relax, entertain and make memories. The perfect nautical living room decor must have a few key elements - they must be comforting, inviting, interesting, not cluttered and incorporate a theme from the sea by using colors like watery blues, seaglass greens and sandy neutrals. Classic white slipcovered furniture is typically the main focal point in every living room with nautical style. Adding either a reclaimed wood coffee table or a unique one-of-a-kind driftwood coffee table is the best way to bring interest and add warmth to the room. Anchor the space with a textured jute rug or a navy and white striped rug Accent pieces in soothing colors and authentic ship accessories is the perfect nautical living room decor that will add history, warmth and intrigue. A large chandelier made of rope, seaglass or driftwood can make a statement and also add drama to the room.

Nautical Themed Bedrooms & Offices

Nautical bedroom decor is the perfect way to bring the feeling of life at sea into your home. Our favorite nautical bedroom decor includes ship lights and portholes like we used in this bunkbed shot.

We also lean toward adding authentic driftwood pieces, sculpted driftwood wall art or driftwood mirrors. We also incorporate the nautical theme with anchor bedding in blues and white or pillows with sea inspired vibes.  

Ship lanterns and old weathered oars are also special decor that will add a touch of history and nautical style. In the master we love a large unique piece of weathered driftwood hung above the bed. In the kids bunk room we love to add passageway lights, old weathered oars, cleats and porthole mirrors for the perfect cheerful nautical bedroom.  

Nautical Bathroom Decor

Here are some great Nautical Bathroom Decor ideas: Replace the vanity mirror with an aluminum or brass porthole mirror and add authentic ship passageway lights as sconces on either side in the same material. If the bathroom has a ceiling light replace this with an authentic ship piling light like a belfast light or masthead light. Navy paint is always a classic contrast to a white beadboard or shiplath accent wall. Use natural rope in place of a towel bar and use authentic cleats to secure to the wall. For accents make rope waste basket & tissue holder(DIY), For hanging towels and robes use authentic ship cleats, use nautical style hooks like anchors or mermaids, monkeyfist as a door knot stopper, Rope and cleat as shower curtain holder, incorporate whales, crabs, octopus, seahorses, mermaids or ships wheel as wall decor, use nautical stripe PVC rug made of plastic water bottles that is durable and will last a lifetime, use cleat and rope as toilet paper holder. Hang wood shelves held and separated by natural rope. When it doubt keep it white with silver-toned accents.

Kitchen & Restaurant Nautical Decor

Our favorite way to add nautical decor in the kitchen is by adding authentic ship lights, nautical themed counter stools, coastal art and classic navy and white stripe pvc rug runners. It’s the perfect mix of old and new and these add interest without being too nautical. Nautical restaurant decor is best when authentic items are utilized avoiding the typical tacky nautical feel that many times you see in restaurants. Authentic ship piling lights, weathered old wood oars, authentic brass cleats, seaglass floats, authentic divers helmet, driftwood wall art, pilings in groupings of three wrapped with rope and rope riggings are most popular when wanting to have authentic nautical restaurant decor.  

Outdoor Nautical Decor For Events & More

There are many different types of nautical outdoor decor including coastal outdoor tables, chairs, lighting and accessories. The trend is to make the outdoors feel more like the indoors which adds another whole living space to your home. Outdoor slipcovered furniture is the perfect way to make the outdoors feel like a real living room. Slipcovered furniture made for the outdoors is extremely comfortable, made to hold up to the elements and is washable. Anchor the space with a navy and white striped pvc rug made of recycled plastic to add a touch of nautical style. Coastal outdoor tables made of weathered or natural teak fit perfectly in a nautical setting and are also made to withstand the elements. Nautical lighting is a great way to add warmth and drama to the outdoors. A popular way to add authentic nautical ambiance is to display nautical piling lights salvaged from old ships and mount them on a grouping of pilings with rope wrapped around. Accessorizing with outdoor nautical decor is best when using authentic ship and maritime accessories. They add history, interest and keep the space feeling authentic as if you’ve traveled the world to collect and create your sea-inspired outdoor space. Some of our favorite examples are placing seaglass balls of various size and color, hanging multiple ship anchor lanterns at varying heights, using an old weathered canoe or vintage zinc trough as a flower planter, old weathered anchor or a large driftwood sculpture in the landscape, whale weathervane are just a few of the many possibilities. Be creative and remember to keep in mind sometimes less is more. You don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like…Many of these nautical decor pieces can be used as coastal decor props to decorate for a nautical theme party or event. This outdoor nautical wedding decor is just what you need for staging the perfect wedding. Our favorites nautical decor for events are multiple hanging rope lanterns, natural rope for tying table clothes, drapery panels, or anything else, seaglass balls as accents or centerpiece, aluminum porthole as a candle holder with sand and shells, driftwood garland draped across the table, large pieces of coral as accents, rope knot or sand dollar as place card and authentic life rings and buoys as accents.

Gifts Accessories & Popular Nautical Decor

Popular nautical gifts include sea glass balls, nautical accent pieces and nautical wall decor such made from elements like driftwood, shell, coral, brass and nautical rope materials.Some examples of Popular Nautical Decor Gift Ideas: Nautical Pillows with map of area ie Nantucket, …, Name of town with latitude and longitude, Serving trays - lacquered fish tray with cleat handles, teak board with cleat handles, Handmade Pottery Serving Dish available in the shape of Oyster & Mussels,Beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of coral, seashell, Books about the sea, sailing and diving, Nautical tote bag made out of old sail cloth with rope handle, Barware with rope accents, Napkin holder with nautical theme.

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