Coastal Lighting & Lamp Buying Guide

Lighting - the essential tool that is used both visually & aesthetically.

Lighting is not only functional, but it creates a mood, adds drama & is an important element in the overall design of a space. 

 Almost every single room in your home has a mixture ambient or task lighting.  At Our Boat House, we offer a wonderful assortment of decorative ambient and task lighting inspired by the coastal decor. The types of lighting, as well as various lighting styles, are literally endless. Choosing the best fixed lighting for your home, as in the best chandelier, wall sconce or pendant light can be fairly easy if you follow our buying guide. 

We also touch on selection and placement of portable lighting like table lamps, buffet lamps, lanterns or floor lamps. If you have something in mind and you don't see it - just ask - we will gladly find it for you!   

Making a statement...



In order to choose the look or style of ambient ceiling lighting, it's best to determine what is the style of your space? Does the room have a relaxed, natural feel or is more formal and refined? For a relaxed style, look toward elements that are found in nature. For instance, the style can be created from materials shells, branches, woods - like driftwood and iron. 

If you have a more formal setting, a good choice maybe glass beads, sea glass or delicate shell chandeliers that take a candelabra style bulb. 

Whatever style you are looking for, we have you covered because at Our Boat House, we offer a wide variety of styles: coastal inspired lights like our Oyster Shell Oval Chandelier and Antique White Coral Chandelier. We offer a more vintage and rustic look with pieces like our iron Armillary Orb Chandelier and the Sag Harbor Rope Chandelier. If your taste is more formal, there is the Capiz Shell Fixture in a silver patina and the frosted glass bead chandelier.  



The Perfect Size

Our Boat House provides expert design advice to ensure you are buying the best fitting light for your space. A good rule of thumb to get the proportions correct is to add the length and width of your room to determine the diameter of the chandelier. For example, if the dining room is 15' x 20', then the diameter of your chandelier should be in the neighborhood of about 35". For the clearance in the dining room, another guide is that the chandelier should be 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the dining table as to not over-power the space. A linear chandelier looks best with a rectangular table and an oval or circular chandelier looks good with a round table. In order to determine the height of the chandelier, it is important to take into account the over all scale of the room and hang it allowing a clearance of 30-32 inches above the dining table. 

If you have wall sconces, a good placement is to

mount them around 6' above the finished floor when when the ceiling is 8'. For 9' plus, mount them an extra 6 inches.

Portable Lighting

Table & Floor Lamps

Whether your preference is simple or dramatic, we offer a wide array of table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps as our portable lighting selection. There are so many shapes, sizes, materials and finishes available for any style you are after: coastal blues, rustic iron, ornate beads, traditional glass and more. Another feature is the shade - do you prefer drum, angled or square?

Once you find your lamp style, there are a few things to keep in mind when making selections.

For a bedside lamp, be sure to keep in mind the size of the night table surface to ensure the lamp base is not too wide so you leave room for other decor or necessities. Also, make note of the lamp height for ambient light or reading in bed.

When it comes to end tables and lamps, the same rules apply - how big is the overall surface of the end table? What is the table height? Will the lamp be taller or larger than the side table? If so, maybe opt for a floor lamp and leave the table as an accent table. Floor lamps at times have opaque shades offering more light or they have metal shades where light is directional. For the desk lamps, keep in mind mobility of the arm whether it stretches or swings for optimal task lighting.

Authentic Ship Lights

Our Boat House is one of the country's largest suppliers of authentic ship lighting. Add a of touch of history with an authentic ship's copper light over a kitchen island. Our Fox Lights once lit the cargo bays of old ships.


Our solid brass or aluminum sconces, such as the convoy sconce or the 90 degree passageway lights, are perfect for bath rooms, hallways, entry ways or just as an accent light in a living room. Order wired or unwired, if you prefer.

Piling/Dock Lighting

Solid brass dock lighting such our Belfast light or Nautical Masthead Piling Light  will add everlasting richness to your docks, decks or entryways.  Make a statement with such a unique piece. Wired for  light or leave as-is for a decorative element.

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