Collection: Driftwood Custom Furniture

Shop our extensive and exclusive collection of hand made, authentic driftwood furniture. Driftwood table bases add texture, interest, sea-side appeal and warmth to any room in the house. Every driftwood table base whether it is a coffee table, dining table, side table, accent table or console - they are all different and unique. Driftwood coffee tables and accent tables with a glass top are the perfect focal point for a beach house living room. 

Collection: Driftwood Custom Furniture

Driftwood - What is it and where does it come from?

Driftwood is floating wood that has washed ashore due to the actions of the elements. Most of us connect this type of twisted, rustic wood with the ocean but driftwood can also be found near lakes and rivers. Since the wood can float for quite a bit of time, it is often bleached by the sun, pitted and porous. 

Most of the driftwood used for furniture  is found along riverbanks, at the edges of lakes, or along the beach. It's a misconception that driftwood is only found on a beach. Rivers &  lakes are all good places to get driftwood. In the state of Florida, anyone can collect driftwood pieces. 

The cones make for beautiful accent pieces indoors or out. The planks when hung parallel to the floor look gorgeous as a mantle, an accent piece over the headboard. For table bases, pieces are hand selected and custom built to your specifications. The wood is sandblasted and waxed by hand. Perfectly leveled and securely bolted, hidden within the design. The wood is treated with sealant with little to no sheen. 

Available finishes:  natural beige and white washed. Specialty finishes or deeper finishes will require an additional charge based on the size of the table base and final color. Samples recommended.

Driftwood is sourced from all over but primarily from places like Crystal Springs Florida,  the Everglades of Florida as well as the Florida Keys. Other sources are the islands around Texas and the coast of California.  Almost all of the driftwood for furniture is cedar driftwood or miscellaneous species that stand the test of time.

  • Special crating is required to ship driftwood at any size.
  • Additional Shipping & Handling Fees apply to large, heavy pieces.
  • For tables, glass is not included in the cost.
  • Lead times vary depending on the finished product.


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