Coastal Rugs in Various Styles

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Select from patterns galore. Whether it's herringbone, a bold or ticking stripe, chevron, prints, diamond prints, floral patterns or  various geometrics help define the area rug style. Our various styles are achieved by weaving in various color combinations in unique ways to create these beautifully durable pieces for any room in the house; inside or out.



Nautical prints: sea-life & morE

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An area rug is like artwork but for the floor. It can be beautiful and serve a purpose. The main reason we use an area rug in our design projects is to anchor all the seating in a room. It also has many other benefits as well because it adds color, texture, pattern as well as provides a cozy feeling to any space. Whether your space is big or small, you have kids and pets - we have a rug for you. Area Rugs are available in a variety of materials and some of our best sellers include: Jute, Cotton, Sisal, Polypropylene, Wool and P.E.T.

So, if some rooms in or around your house are lacking a little excitement or do you simpley need a piece to simply get started? Maybe you're just missing a little added texture or are you missing that final, finishing touch in the sunroom? 

You just might be in the market for an area rug. 

Whether you are interested in an indoor area rug or outdoor, there are so many affordable options available at Our Boat House. 

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