Coastal Living Room Furniture

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Image a comfy, white fabric-clad sofa flanked by two white wash end tables and upon those are some beautiful lamps cascading light onto a natural jute area rug that's topped with a beautiful driftwood coffee table. 

Any accent color works with this room and yet, to keep the setting serene and sea-inspired, the pillows are shades of blues and tans. The sun sets, so you curl up with a cozy knit throw, a glass of wine and the dog. That, is what coastal home furniture is all about.

Coastal Living Room Furniture

You'll love to live with our Beach House Living Room Furniture! Our philosophy to easy, beach-side style living includes adding true nautical elements within our coastal  furnishings. You'll find it easy to pair our sofas, chairs and other coastal seating with nautical elements that add both style and design to your beach home. Our slipcovered sofas add casual comfort and compliment our other home furnishings. Our tables and case goods like our coffee, consoles, side tables, and sideboards are among  our signature selections.   

Combined within our coastal furniture collections and living room packages are finishes and textures that all work together to distinguish your home from all others. 

Several Coastal Furniture Collections

Our Boat House specializes in beach house furniture with several coastal furniture collections, inspired by the Salt, Sand & Sea. 


We combine true nautical elements with a mix of style, finishes, and textures -all working together to create relaxed coastal style living.. Our collection of Slipcovered Furniture provides a vast selection of beach style furniture that is perfect for relaxed casual living. Our beach style nautical sofas and slipcovered furniture are "made in the USA" and manufactured with hard woods that are "eco-friendly". Each piece of slipcover fabric is composed of fibers made from recycled materials and 'earth-friendly' ingredients. Our coastal furniture collection helps customers create a unique beach house feel whether it be a cottage by the sea, a lakeside retreat, oceanfront home or an abode dreaming of the sea. Our coastal style furniture and home décor can help build the foundation for a unique type of beach house living that revolves around comfort and the relaxing feel of summer vacation at the beach.

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About Our Coastal Furniture

Our coastal collections are made from various materials including reclaimed woods and driftwood for coffee tables, nautical console tables, and side or accent tables. The "Coastal Living" furniture collection manufactured by Stanley is one of our most popular beach house basics. Incorporating a few pieces of the "Coastal Living Collection by Stanley" in various color choices blends perfectly with our neutral beach house collection and creates a cottage of seaside calm. For those aspiring to a bit more sophistication than cottage - Our "Seaside Resort Collection" is the ideal choice. Balanced effortlessly between the breezy simplicity of shore life and the understated elegance of a five-star hotel, "Seaside Resort" brings contemporary sophistication to the coast. Available in a pallet of muted colors and finishes that mix and match effortlessly, allowing you the freedom to create your own perfect balance of sophisticated yet casual.



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