The Best Soothing Color Palletes to

Create a Sense of Calm in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It's where you go to recharge and rejuvinate. It's your own private oasis that you retreat to at the end of the day and that you spend more time in then any other room. Your bedroom should support relaxation, peace and tranquility. You can create that sense of calm with a soothing color palette.   Color sets the mood of a room. Different colors  evoke different emotions and can have a powerful effect on your mood and wellbeing. Our favorite color schemes that are known for their calming effects on your mood are Soothing Aqua Tones, Dreamy Whites and Cooling Blues.  Create the Best Environment for Sleep and Rest with Exquisite Coastal Bedroom Furniture and Luxurious Bedding.

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Soothing Aqua

Soft Aqua tones are cooling and calming. They remind us of the sea and instantly makes us breath easier. They have an almost ethereal quality that promotes relaxation and sleep. There is nothing jarring or oppressive about the pale aqua tones. Painting your walls in a very light shade of aqua like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Sw 6204 and Rainwashed SW 6211 are perfect for a Master Bedroom. Don't make the mistake of going too strong in your aqua paint color. We see this happen often and it doesn't have the same airiness and lightness that is important in a master bedroom. There should be just barely a hint of color to make it conducive to rest and relaxation. 

We often add fresh, fully white bedding in a room that is painted pale aqua. You can bring in Tranquil accents of aqua in a few vases, a painting or a rug. The combination of white and aqua makes it feel fresh. In the left image we used our Sea Glass Bed and nightstand which mixes white with pale sea glass acrylic accents. We also often use a white slipcovered bed or the White Bamboo 4 Poster Bed to create a crisp feel against pale aqua walls. You will never want to leave your bedroom with this color palette.

Seaglass Bed

Boyfriend Matelasse Coverlet

Four Poster Bed

Crisp, soothing, timeless and dreamy.

Dreamy Whites

You can never grow tired of an all white bedroom. White is crisp, soothing, timeless and dreamy. White is elegant and calming, so it's a great choice for people who prefer neutral tones. You can mix in some natural materials with white to make it feel more organic and keep it from being too cold or boring. Introducing a natural seagrass bed like our Bermuda Sea Grass Bed or Laurel Grove Whitewashed Wood Upholstered Bed  is a great way to bring in texture and natural materials in an all white bedroom. There is nothing more inviting than clean and Crisp White Bedding. Some of our favorite white paints are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65, which is a true crisp white. Another favorite white is Sherwin Williams Alabaster, which is a warm white but not too creamy. 

Bermuda Seagrass Bed

Laurel Grove Bed

Cozy Cotton Ivory Quilt

Blues are cooling and calming. The color blue is known to instantly reduce your blood pressure.

Cooling Blues

Blue evokes the calm of the sea and nothing is more classic than blue. We love soft shades of blue to create a tranquil bedroom oasis.  Mixing white with blue in the bedding or the furniture keeps it light and airy.  Our go-to blue paint colors for a master bed room are Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue and Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper.

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French Blue Sheet Set

Blue Brush Duvet Cover

Cozy Cotton French Blue Quilt

Your Questions Answered!

What is the best type of rug for a master bedroom?

We prefer soft rugs in a master bedroom. Typically cotton and wool provide a soft underfoot feel that is natural and gives a luxurious touch to a room.

What type of window treatments are best for a master bedroom?

We recommend two layers of window treatments in a master bedroom. One treatment that can be closed for room darkening, like a blackout shade, paired with one treatment that is more decorative, like sheer linen drapes.

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