Coastal Chic Accents & Modern Decor

It's no secret that most people love the relaxed vibe of a beach house.  You can create that feeling no matter where you live. Whether you live in a more traditional style home or a more modern home., you can create a coastal aesthetic. There are many versions of Coastal Design from Coastal Cottage Style to Modern Beach House Design.  One of our favorite variations of Coastal Design are the clean lines of Modern Style. It's often seen in California Coastal Homes and was made famous by Interior designers like Michael Taylor in the 1980's. He designed many beautiful modern beach houses in well known places like Malibu. If you look at a Michael Taylor design it still feels current today, over 40 years after he designed it.  The timeless, simplicity of modern design beautifully complements the light and airy style of a Chic and Modern Beach House. This contemporary version of Coastal Design can be created in a modern style home or apartment no matter where it is.  The elements of Coastal Modern Design are simplicity, uncluttered, minimal, subtle, organic shapes and materials.

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Chic and Modern Color Palette

Some of our favorite Chic and Modern Color Palettes are natural monochromatic tones.  Tones of creamy whites mixed with sandy neutrals and darker earthy colors. The organic mixture of woods and natural materials create a soothing atmosphere that is the hallmark of modern design. Black is also often mixed in to give even more depth and mood to a space. Modern Color Palettes can also be colorful. The crisp colors of ocean blue and white create a striking contrast in contemporary, modern design. So, whether you prefer more moody natural colors or bright contrasting colors, there is a Coastal Modern Color Palette to suit your tastes. A Chic and Modern Beach House can be timeless and the perfect relaxing retreat.

Twiggy Woven Jute Rug

Moss Russet Jute Rug

Nikki Beach Grasscloth Cabinet

Natural, organic color palettes or crisp blue and white are at home in a coastal modern beach house.

Sleek & Natural Textures

Finishes and textures create a Modern Beach House Vibe. The layers of modern design are not complete without texture and sleek finishes. To give your home depth and dimension include textures in rugs, fabrics and furniture. The soft, knotted texture of a rug paired with the sleek metal on furniture creates interesting contrast and more layers to the design. Textures in wood, grass cloth wallcovering, jute rugs, rattan and knubby fabrics all work well in a Modern Beach House. Juxtapose shiny metals like brass or sleek surfaces like marble or polished wood for rich detail.

Calder Stripe Rug

Henley Occasional Chair

Montecello Cocktail Cabinet

Organic woods, shiny metals, polished marble, textured fabrics and rugs come together to create a Chic, Modern Beach House.

Modern & Chic Coastal Furniture

The contemporary design elements of modern furniture are simple, clean lines, natural materials and organic silhouettes.  A dramatic modern console table makes a statement in the entrance. Soft rounded upholstered furniture complements the simple round shape of a marble table. The straight lines of the natural four poster bed is softened with textured blankets and pillows. The best modern beach house furniture has clean lines and organic shapes.

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Adler Console Table

Oyster Shell Chandelier

Laurel Grove Bed

A wonderful example of a Chic, Modern Beach House is in the photo above. The rectangular shapes of the coffee table and mantle are mixed with a large curved sofa and angular patterns in the rattan chair.

Your Questions Answered!

Can you mix Modern furniture with antiques?

Absolutely, you can mix modern furniture with antiques.  In fact, the most interesting, timeless interiors are not just from one era or style of furniture. For example, mixing a contemporary sofa with an antique side table will allow the antique details on the end table to stand out. Just remember to pay attention to scale of the pieces. You don't want a tiny antique table next to a large modern sofa. The scale of the furniure should be balanced. The most appealing interiors have a collected look rather than a store bought feel of all furniture of the same style.

I like contemporary, but I don't like it to feel cold. How do I avoid a cold sterile contemporary look?

We completely agree. To keep things warm and interesting use creams and tans mixed with darker moody tones. Stay away from a vanilla look. Mix in different textures on the rugs, fabrics and furniture. Add interest and contrast with some vintage or antique pieces.

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