February 01, 2022

Bedroom Bliss

How to create a comfy, cozy master bedroom retreat...

Cozy, Comfy and Serene Bedroom

Nothing makes you feel better than a welcoming, cozy and serene master bedroom on a cold February day. The soft upholstered bed with layered bedding and throws is the perfect place to read a favorite book and sip hot tea. Taking care of ourselves and investing in the little things that make a big difference, gives us comfort and makes us happy, is self care. Adding a warm throw, a beautiful lamp and soft bedding creates the serene atmosphere that will nourish your soul.

~ The Look ~

"Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room" - Mark Hampton

Start with selecting a bed frame that makes you feel welcome, whether it's an upholstered linen bed or a bed made of textured seagrass or wood, choose what comforts and speaks to you most. Be faithful to your own tastes. Then layer the bed with soft fluffy duvets, pillows and throws. Add a thick rug to sink your toes into when you wake up. Create ambience with a beautiful lamp, candles and flowers. If there is room, add a chaise lounge or comfy chair and ottoman. Finish the room with your favorite art, family photos, books and a journal. Mix different textures that add interest and that can easily work in any season. You can simply change things like heavy, chunky throws for winter to light linen throws in summer. The perfect natural coastal textures like linen, raffia, wood, cotton, rattan, jute & plants will add richness and interest in any season. We also like to encourage our clients to include a favorite family heirloom, like an antique stool, mirror or chair to create a room that is unique and special to them.

Harlowe Bedside Table Column

Harlowe Bedside Table

The substantial sized night stand on the left is wrapped in woven natural raffia giving it a rich textural feel that fits so nicely in a home by the sea. It's beautifully accented with drawer pulls in satin brass. The collection is also available in indigo. For those in a hurry, it is currently in our quick ship program.

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Elegant Seashell Table Lamp Column

Elegant Seashell Table Lamp

The Elegant Seashell Table lamp is made with an acrylic panel with a real inlaid seashell and acrylic base with a linen shade.

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Hand Knotted Wool Rug Column

Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Cold winter nights have us dreaming of summer days, but every season is special . This winter, embrace the coziness and the guilt free days of just staying in. Take the time to be good to yourself and soak in a hot tub, write in your journal, reap the rewards of writing your gratitude list every day and be mindful of all the good in your life. Surround yourself with your favorite things. Sink into your into soft, organic textures, light the candle and listen to your favorite music. Those are the special times!

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Coastal Art and Florals Column

Coastal Art and Florals

Beautiful Hydrangeas that are so realistic and lush along with a peaceful seascape art, will complete your retreat and bring sweet dreams.

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Soft Bedding and Rugs

Blissful Bedroom Retreat
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The goal is to make your room look inviting; lived-in and also be purposeful and functional without being over-designed. The design crew at Our Boat House specializes in making your cozy rooms inviting and stress free. Call today for our virtual design services and we can also guide you to selections that are in stock, so that you can enjoy your rooms sooner and without the long waits.

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Bedroom Bliss

How to create a comfy, cozy master bedroom retreat...


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