February 12, 2023

Surf Into Boho Chic!

Boho Beach is the eclectic mix of vintage and new. It's layers on top of layers of rugs and pillows. Its a cozy Beachy Style that makes you feel at home. Timeless and ever changing, you will never tire of this style.

When we think of Boho Beach Style, we thing of relaxed living. It's that easy, breezy style of natural materials, interesting textures, eclectic mix of old and new It's everything a beach house should be. A home that tells a story of the people who live there and instantly relaxes you. It has a collection of old books and whimsical art. It can be colorful and bold or it can be airy and simple like a white flowy dress. It's never dressy and it's always welcoming.

1. Mix Natural Textures Column

1. Mix Natural Textures

Boho design is influenced by the hippie era of the 1960's and 70"s that embraced natural materials such as hemp, straw, sisal, wood and woven materials like Macrame. Mixing all the natural materials together in layers creates an inviting eclectic atmosphere. The more natural materials the better. Keep it casual and think Floor Pillows, Woven Placemats, layered Casual Rugs, Wood Furniture, Textured Baskets, Enchanting Lighting and bringing nature in. Think sand dunes, straw and seagrass.

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2. Mix Bold Patterns, Bright Colors and Layer Column

2. Mix Bold Patterns, Bright Colors and Layer

Boho can also be bold patterns and bright colors. We like that best when layered on top of natural palette, especially in a beach house where you don't want to be over whelmed. Keeping the main fabrics neutral will give a lightness to the overall look. Bold, colorful patterns in pillows and rugs are a hallmark of Boho style. Colors can range from bright greens and blues to fuscia, Orange and Yellow. It's the combination of eclectic patterns and colors casually layered together that creates this Bohemian Style. But there are no rules and if you prefer all neutral you can still have a boho beach house by mixing and layering natural materials, textures and new with vintage. Take the colors from nature like soft greys of beach stones, tans of sand and whites of seafoam for a all natural color palette.

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3. Mix in Vintage Column

3. Mix in Vintage

Another prominent theme in Boho Style is the mix of Vintage materials and pieces. Anything from old rustic wood furniture to 60"s style lighting or old Chicago bricks and a vintage patterned rug will give you the Boho Vibe. A vintage chair in a dark charcoal linen mixed with the antique rug is a perfect example of the easy, welcoming Boho Style. Mix in our vintage ship lights .vintage style lighting with vintage style furniture. It should not be all vintage. We like classic slipcovered furniture in soft linen fabrics mixed in with a vintage style chair or a vintage style cabinet. It's all in the right mix to keep it from becoming cluttered.

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4. Add Woven Materials Column

4. Add Woven Materials

The artistry and craftsmanship of woven materials are a staple in Boho Beach Design. Lighting made of woven materials like wicker, rattan, coco beads, shells and rope are right at home in the Boho Beach Style. Woven Furniture such as wicker, rattan and rope adds that casual texture to keep it relaxed and interesting.

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5. Add Boho Beach Accessories Column

5. Add Boho Beach Accessories

To complete the Boho Beach Style add in just the right accessories. Remember to mix in a little vintage, soft comfortable pillows and some natural elements. We love nautical vintage style pieces for a beach house like our Brass and wood Floor Telescope. For neutral comfy pillows we have everything from woven seagrass and raffia pillows to big floor bed pillows in linen that can be tossed anywhere for extra seating or sleeping. Just imagine how handy they are when the kids have sleepovers. Add in a few jute ottomans to put your feet up or extra seating. Wicker accessories and plants also works well in your Coastal Boho Beach Escape.

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5 Ways To Create That Boho Vibe!

Surf Into Boho Beach
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