May 23, 2022

Summer Color Palettes For Your Home

Beautiful summer color palettes for your home. Inspire your creative juices with breezy beach tones of aquas and tans and lush greens of summer leaves. Make your home a summer retreat with bright whites and blues of sparkling days or oranges and pinks of sunsets.

Summer is our favorite time of year!

Each season brings a new beginning and a chance to get our creative juices flowing to celebrate the season. Summer is our favorite time of year! Days are longer and the living is easier. Gentle breezes off the ocean and salty air fill our senses. The light is bright and the colors even more vivid. The clear blue-green waters roll onto the beach with white ocean foam as the sand and seashells ripple and glisten in the sun. Gardens are in full bloom and spectacular sunsets end our days. There are so many beautiful inspirations in nature during the summer....From soft blues, tans and whites to lush greens, vivid oranges and pinks.

"Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly."- Van Morrison

Whites with Sandy tans & Blue Greens Column

Whites with Sandy tans & Blue Greens

We love the summer color palette of sandy tans, whites, cobalt blues to watery turquoise. They are light and airy...cooling on a hot summer day. Create this summery palette with linen fabrics, natural rattan, sea elements of coral and shells.

Fresh Greens, Silvery Blue & Natural Hues Column

Fresh Greens, Silvery Blue & Natural Hues

The lush leaves of summer gardens and the scent of freshly cut grass inspire this deep green, silvery blue and natural tan summer palette. Create this color combination with soft fabrics, cotton throws, simple accents and raffia covered chests.

Dusty Pinks, Orange & Blue Column

Dusty Pinks, Orange & Blue

The warm summer days end with spectacular sunsets . The dusty tones softened by the heat of the day create an amazing palette of pinks, oranges and blues!

Crisp Blues & Pure Whites Column

Crisp Blues & Pure Whites

This beach photo was taken on one of those rare days in the summer that had no humidity and everything sparkled in bright sunshine! It was truly one of those special days which will always be etched in my memory as spectacular! The colors were crisp and the ocean reflective. We created this living room with crisp shades of blue and white, with throw pillows, crisp white linen sofas, and we brought the beach in with an amazing teak root coffee table that was bleached by the sun.

Blue Hydrangea & Lush Greens Column

Blue Hydrangea & Lush Greens

I anxiously await all year for the Hydrangeas to grow and burst into color. They are my favorite flowers. These Mopheads, as this variety of hydrangeas are called, come in many different colors depending on the acidity of the soil, but this sky blue is my favorite. We draw from this color combination with gorgeous throw pillows and a vibrant striped rug.

All Natural Column

All Natural

The beauty of all natural is understated elegance at its finest. Inspired by the natural tones in dried flowers of creamy whites and dusty tans, it comes to life in this natural wood chain accessory, soft textured cream throw and paint colors of white and stepping stone.


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"I'm ready for barbeques and picnics; reading books in my hammock; lemon-berry iced tea and a rocking chair on the front porch, watching the sunset with friends; stargazing while eating s'mores in the backyard. Oh, summer...bring it on ." - Oprah Winfrey

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