February 15, 2023

Nantucket Nautical

Nantucket is the ultimate summer vacation spit known for it's quaint shingled homes and cobblestone streets. Nantucket Nautical Style isn't your typical kitschy nautical. Instead it is rich in maritime history and island artistry. It's everything from authentic nautical ship lights to wicker basket weaving and natural fabrics.

Nantucket is one of our favorite summer vacation places.

Nantucket, meaning "far away land" as translated from the Wampanoag native tribe, is an Island off the coast of Massachusetts accessible only by boat or air. The island is known for it's beautiful beaches, cobblestone streets and charming shingle style homes. The history of the island dates back to the 1600"s when it was settled by the English. It was a famous whaling port in the 1700 and 1800"s. Old homes that once belonged to ship captain's are still there today.

One of our fondest memories was spending a summer in an 1800's sea captains home belonging to one of the oldest families in town, the Coffin Family. It was on the ocean .... beautifully simple and because it was not winterized, you could see through the cracks of the clapboard walls to the outside. Our days were spent exploring the island and watching the seals in the surf. Nights were spent by the bonfire on the beach with lobster dinners. We bought the lobsters from a local family who sold them from their truck in town. The kids played scrabble by the stone fireplace with their cousins and told ghost stories, making it a spooky event when it was time for them to go to bed. Listening to their laughter and giggles made it all so magical. There is even a charming summer theater in town that had a delightful play, the kids enjoyed that too.

There is plenty to do on Nantucket everything from browsing the adorable shops that line the old cobblestone streets in the town to enjoying the many quaint restaurants that dot the island. There are museums about the history of whaling Days off Nantucket and art galleries that feature local artists. Nantucket is a vacation destination and a nautical mecca that is rich in maritime history, There are over 700 shipwrecks surrounding the island of pirate ships to whaling ships. Nantucket is known not just for it's nautical history, but also for it's rustic charm, basket weaving, artists retreat, Light Houses and beautiful beaches.

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Nautical Interiors

Nautical Interiors featuring Classic Blue and White with natural elements is perfectly at home in Nantucket. Slipcovered Furniture, beachy stripes, linen, cotton and nautical accents are all elements of Nantucket Island living. Keep it simple and classic.

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"Sandy toes always takes away our woes."

Nantucket nautical isn't about the typical Nautical Decor. It's not about starfish and anchors. It's about authentic nautical items used on ships or by fishermen. It's about quality marine lights and tools made by artisans. Solid brass and seaworthy aluminum, as well as authentic glass floats.

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Basket Weaving and Nantucket Wicker

Native Wampanoags, Nantucket indigenous people started weaving baskets from ash wood. The basket weaving was later made famous by the people manning the Nantucket Lightships in the 19th Century. Lightships were like floating lighthouses that marked the dangerous shoal waters. This was a very isolating job and they weaved baskets to pass the time away and to make extra money when they sold the baskets in the summer. The baskets were famously called the Nantucket Lightship Baskets. After WWII, a new generation of Nantucket inhabitants expanded the basket weaving and they created the famous friendship basket. They made not only baskets but other decorative and useful items like cribs, chairs and more. Today baskets and wicker is synonymous with summer and Nantucket beach homes. It is the symbol of island life and relaxed living.

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