Beach Bungalow Must - Haves! 

Everyones Dream - A Little Beach Bungalow

Beach scene of path to beach

It's hard not to fall in love with living in a Beach Bungalow. Whether it's right on the beach or a short walk away, a beach bungalow is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the simple things in life. Even if you do not live near the water and just want to create that casual beach feel wherever you are, these tips can help you do just that. When we think of a beach cottage we think of wicker furniture, cozy linens and sipping iced tea on the porch. To make a beach house live like a cozy retreat, we have put together some must haves. It's easy to do and the main thing to remember about creating a beach vibe is to keep it casual and light.

Large White wood stick chandelier

beach with sling beach chair and umbrella

Comfy Porch Furniture and a Copper Firepit

Part of a Beach Bungalow's charm is a porch where you can relax and entertain family and friends. Comfortable Coastal Style Outdoor Furniture will make it feel like an outdoor living area. A vintage style rattan collection evokes the feel of a 1950's bungalow. Our Delmar Outdoor Furniture Collection is not only beautifully made but it will fit the nostalgia of a beach bungalow and gives years of supreme comfort.  As the days turn into a magical evening by the sea, having a place to build a real wood bonfire will complete your escape. Our Copper Fire Pits on stands are rustic and long lasting

vintage style outdoor rattan furniture

copper fire pits

 Cute Cottage Prints & Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Every Beach Bungalow should have vintage prints and easy to care for indoor outdoor rugs. Stripes, Gingham, polkadots, and checks are all right at home in a seaside retreat. Add these patterns with towels, pillows, rugs, table clothes -  you name it.....they will never go out of style and they will give that nostalgic feel so perfect for a beach house. Easy care is also a must for any Beach Bungalow. So use rugs that will hold up to sandy feet, wet bathing suits and dogs. Our Coastal Indoor Outdoor Rugs are made to hold up to the elements and they look as good inside as out.  

Light blue and white polka dot indoor outdoor rug

  Comfy Bedding & Built-In Bunk Beds

One of the our most favorite things to enjoy in a Beach Bungalow is coming home after a long day of outdoor activities and climbing into crisp, comfortable bedding and opening the windows for a fresh breeze. Stock your cottage with Natural Organic Linens, fluffy duvets and luxurious pillows. It's these times when you can reflect on your day, read a book and get restful, restorative sleep.

For the little ones, they will love built-in bunk beds that makes them feel like they are in an old ship and it is their secret hideaway. We build them into nooks and crannies like an attic space or long hallway. They are not only fun but also provide extra sleeping space for those sleepovers. For added charm, we add portholes from old ships and Vintage Ship Lights for reading.

white washed linen quilt

built-in bunk beds with nautical ship lights and porthole

 Make Dining Fun and Easy

Jelly Fish Chandeliers in silver finish

 Glassware Wrapped in Raffia & Check Table Clothes

Dining doesn't have to be just paper plates and plastic glasses in a beach house. Make it fun and special with glassware wrapped in Raffia. It's casual but also makes serving a pitcher of iced tea a little more special. A few Special Coastal Style Tableware pieces will elevate the bungalow beach style. Add table clothes like our blue and white window pane design table cloth. It adds color, crispness and a little festivity.

raffia wrapped glasses

whit and blue check tablecloth

Slipcovered Furniture, Wicker Furniture, &  Nautical Sconces

Slipcovered Furniture is a must for keeping things light, airy and easy to clean. The classic design of slipcovered furniture fits the Beach Bungalow Vibe so well. The best part is that they are easy to take off and no need to worry with wet bathing suits, sandy feet and little paws. 

Wicker is the quintessential beach casual material. Wicker chairs, baskets, tables all add to the casual feel of a home by the sea.

Include some nautical ship lights to add some maritime history. The Authentic Ship Convoy lights are great in an entry or flanking a fireplace. Our vast collection of Authentic Vintage Ship Lights will delight boat lover or nautical enthusiast or anyone who wants a piece of magnificent maritime history. 


 What is the best way to lighten up a older beach bungalow?
We love the charm of an older beach bungalow but if it dates back to 20 years or more, they were often dark. Many had darker wood paneling on the walls and darker paint colors as well as dark wood floors. One of the best ways to transform an old bungalow into a light and airy cottage is to paint the walls white or a light pastel tone. That will immediately make the room feel completely different. Darker wood floors like pine or oak can be refinished to a lighter shade but a simpler way is to add light colored rugs and this is the perfect time to add a pastel rug.
What is the best material for a rug when there is a lot of traffic and dampness from the salt air in a beach bungalow?

The best material for damp areas and lots of traffic, are polypropylene and PVC. They are durable enough for outdoor use and are made to be mildew resistant and withstand the elements. They are hoseable and scrubbable. They are also strong and durable in high traffic areas.