January 20, 2020

Designer Tips: The Perfect Guest Room

Designer tips to create the perfect coastal guest bedroom

Designer Tips: The Perfect Guest Room

Would you like to create a retreat for your house guests and make them feel like they've checked into a five star coastal resort? Here are some essential tips to create the perfect guest room.

1. Clean the clutter. First and foremost you need to give the room a relaxing feel, you do this by cleaning out clutter. This allows the mind to relax in the space and in essence retreat. The perfect coastal guest bedroom

2. The bed. From the mattress to the frame it matters. Select a mattress that is not too hard and not too soft. Once you have a good mattress you can focus on the design. The bed is the focal point in the room so make sure it's special.

3. Great bedding. The perfect guest room must have great bedding. You want your guests to have a good night sleep on soft luxurious bedding.

4. Nightstands. Give your guests some stylish storage for their items, this keeps the room clean and free of clutter. There are some great coastal pieces to finish your room with.

5. Lighting. Last but not least you need to create ambiance and provide reading light for your guests.

These key pieces will give your guest room the foundation it needs to be the best coastal space.

Designer Tips

The Perfect Guest Room
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