Design Tips: Choosing the right dining table

Design Tips: Choosing the right dining table

Design Tips: Choosing the right dining table

There are so many styles, shapes and sizes of dining tables. Choose the right for your home by following these simple steps.

First ask yourself- How many guests do you want to seat comfortably and still leave enough room to walk around the table?

Measure your space from dining table to walls. Leave 42-48" between your table and the walls to leave enough room to push out chairs comfortably. If there is furniture in the dining space, begin your 42-48" measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall.

Rectangular tables work well in a long or narrow room.

Round tables are great for smaller dining rooms. You can fit more people around a round table because it has no corners. Pedestal tables are even better because they give more leg room. This coastal dining room is a great example with it's , &

Square tables are great if your room is square. They create a more intimate dining experience because everyone is an equal distance apart.

An extra tip to help design the best dining room, to take up less room in a space, try a bench instead of chairs on all or one side of your table.

Coastal design ideas and at Our Boat House. Cottage style and furnishings.

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