Beach House Decorating Ideas....

5 Design Ideas to Help you bring the beach inside your home.

Who doesn't want to have a home that exudes summer days at the beach. It's all about easy, breezy living..

photo of beach at sunrise

1. Slipcovered Furniture

The ease and beauty of slipcovered furniture....classicaly simple

living room with white slipcovered furniture

Our favorite way to infuse a little beach house style is with slipcovered furniture. The crisp white slipcovers give a relaxed vibe and are easy to wash. These slipcovered sofas are the perfect example of beach house decor.

2. Coastal Style Art

Coastal Art for a big beach house statement!

octopus wall hanging tryptych

Coastal Style Art like this Octopus Tryptych adds a touch of whimsy and will be a beach house treasure. Add sea inspired art work to your walls for a beach house vibe. 

3. Driftwood

living room with driftwood coffee table

The texture color and feeling driftwood can bring to a room is the essence of beach life. Whether it's a driftwood coffee table or a driftwood mirror, you can't go wrong with adding this element for a beach house style.

4. Striped Beach House Rugs

Striped rugs are available in durable and easy to clean indoor/outdoor PVC. Perfect on a deck, patio or boat and equally wonderful in a family room, kids room, mudrooms or kitchen.

vc indoor outdoor rug stripe blue and white
pastel striped rug
pvc indoor outdoor rug stripe navy and white

Something about a great stripe that adds an instant beach house feel to any room. From kitchen to family room an Our Boat House striped rug will add big beach house style. 

5. Coastal Lighting

Coastal lighting will add great ambience to your home. Whether it's one of our Authentic ship lights like this 90 degree passageway light, a beautiful Coco Bead Chandelier, or this stunning Seashell lamp, adding coastal style lighting will give your home a Beach House Style.

authentic brass ship light - passageway Light
coco bead chandelier
seashell lamp

Our designers are here to help guide you on all aspects of creating a Coastal Style Home and we can do it virtually!

Design Tips: Beach House Decorating Ideas

5 Design ideas to help you bring the beach inside your home through coastal, sea-inspired decor.

1. Slipcover Furniture. Our favorite way to infuse a little beach style into your home is with slipcovered furniture. These white coastal slipcovered dining chairs are a perfect example of beach house living decor.

2. Coastal Artwork. Add coastal style to your walls with sea inspired artwork. These sea life prints give the space a coastal feel.

3. Driftwood. The texture, color and feeling driftwood can bring to a room is the essence of a beach life. Wether it's a driftwood wall hanging piece or a driftwood mirror you can't go wrong.

4. Striped Beach House Area Rugs. Something about a great that adds an instant beach house design to any space. From your kitchen to the family room a boathouse stripe rug will add big beachy style.

5. Coastal lighting. Lighting will add great ambiance to your home. Choosing a beautiful coastal chandleier like this gives the room beach house style in a cool coastal way.