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We offer an extensive selection of family, pet and guest-friendly rugs in classic neutrals, shades blues and variations of grays, pastels or fun, bright colors. 

Our rugs are available in a wide range of patterns, prints and stripes. Feel good about your rug investment with durable and yet comfortable materials like cotton, jute, sisal, fibers for outdoor, wool and more. There's no doubt you'll find one, two or three for your home.

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Our nautical area rugs are perfect to anchor the space of your beach house gathering spot. From PVC rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, natural, sisal and jute rugs we have an answer for anchoring your coastal living space. Simple living, carefree, washable , no worries and available in many nautical color combinations. Our indoor/outdoor and recycled PVC rugs are pet-friendly and enable carefree summer living year round. We carry Dash and Albert and "Oprah favorite" Magdalena York PVC rugs loomed in Sweden. Our indoor/outdoor rugs come in a range of colors perfect for every beach house what ever the color scheme. The coastal blues include pastel baby blue, classic navy, slate blue, rich vibrant cobalt in both solids and stripes and everything in between.

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Create instant design by anchoring your space with coastal indoor and outdoor colorful nautical rugs that are perfect for Easy Beach Living. Coastal style nautical rugs are the perfect solution for anchoring your space with beautiful style. Our natural fiber, seagrass or jute rugs will add texture, warmth and interest to a coastal living room for everyone to gather. Our coastal indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option for the kitchen, high traffic areas, family rooms and event the patio. 

Our selection of nautical rugs also features polypropylene and PVC making them durable, scrubbable and indestructible for carefree coastal living. Both Kid-friendly and Pet-friendly, our rugs are just what every beach house, rental home, summer vacation or other home needs.With so many color options, our coastal rug selection has a shade to match your furniture and decor style. Our popular area rug colors are blue or naturals earrthtone, but we carry several color options including bright and or neutral colors, for every style and color palette.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rug material for high traffic areas like the Living Room or Entrance?

For high traffic areas, wool, PVC, PET and Polypropylene are good materials to use as they can withstand the wear and tear.

What is the most coastal looking rug?

Based on material alone, jute offers a coastal casual vibe in it's natural state. Also, a good striped rug has a nice sea side feel or any shades of blues in a rug solid or striped feel very beachy.

What if my rug size isn't listed - can it be custom made?

Many of our rug lines offer custom sizing with and without borders. We also offer custom runner sizes for hallways and for stairs. Please call for pricing.
What if I need a large rug shipped, but I can't tell if the rug color will work in my space? Do you offer samples to avoid returns?

Yes! Most rug lines have samples that are minimally priced and ensure that the color(s), thickness and material works with your space.  Samples are a great way of confirming all the above. Most samples ship within 5-7 business days.

Is it true that jute rugs shed?

Yes, since jute is a natural fiber, when woven into a rug it will emit a sandy debris when it is reversible or not backed by a padding or foam underside. This can be vacuumed without the roller/brush activated to help eliminate the shedding. Over time, it will dissipate. If this is a concern, select a jute blend rug or a hand-woven jute rug with a backing.

Is polypropylene dangerous to the environment?

This plastic is considered safe but not very environmentally eco-friendly as the recycled plastic rugs.  Plastics #5 Polypropylene (PP) is considered to be the safest of all plastics, this is a robust plastic that is heat resistant.

What is PET when referring to rugs? Is it pet friendly?

P.E.T. is an acronym for Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a type of polyester fiber used to make a lot of popular carpets today. This fabric is made from PET chips, adopted from recycled plastic containers such as water or soda bottles.. Polyester fiber provides exceptional softness and extravagant color choices. Some PET styles feel as soft as a wool/cotton blend.  Aptly named, they are perfect for your pet because they are cleaned with a hose, scrub brush and small ones can go in the washing machine and line dry.

What is the most eco-friendly and durable rug you offer?

That would be the PVC Rugs. They come in a variety of colors and patterns too! They are loomed in Sweden and manufactured from recycled water or soda bottles so that makes it a responsible choice for the home - inside or out.

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EXCELLENT quality and customer service from Our Boat House. The nautical rug colors are even more vibrant than I had ever thought they would be. Just beautiful and top quality. It adds a nice touch to my beach themed lakehome. I will definitely purchase from Our Boat House again and again!

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