Design Tips: Beach House Chic Style

Design Tips: Beach House Chic Style

Design Tips: Beach House Chic Style

Adding casual coastal simplicity with is a great way to accomplish the beach chic look.

Aqua hue accents will ad a touch of the ocean to your space. Whether you pant the walls or add a pop of aqua with a this is an easy chic effect to create.

Textures and elements such as and jute can be found throughout great beach chic designs. The texture of wicker adds a layer of design to the space.

Sea inspired lighting adds ambiance to a space all while creating a beach chic look. Nothing gives that chic style quite like seashells. This over the is a great example.

Design tips to give your coastal home easygoing beach-house style with natural elements and . Get the beach chic look in your with these great design tips.

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