Design Tips- Accessorizing your coastal home

Design Tips- Accessorizing your coastal home

Design Tips- Accessorize Your Coastal Home

1.Ocean books. A simple tip for your beach house living room decor, add some on your coffee table.

2. Giant clam shell. Adorn your beach house decor with a beautiful clam shell. Whether you fill it with trinkets or let it's beauty shine alone, it is a great accessory to your coastal decor.

3. Coastal throw pillows. Give new life to your sofa by accessorizing with a few great beachy throw pillows.

4. Sea glass. Treasures of the ocean, sea glass adds a bit of sparkle to any space. These are the perfect accessory for your home.

5. Sea life accessories. Instant beach house feel by adding some sea life decor to your beach abode.

Coastal design tips to accessorize your beach house with . Beach house tips you will need.

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