Create A Summer Oasis With The Glow Of Lanterns, Lighting & Fire Elements

 A Comprehensive Guide

Patio with chairs and copper table with fire element

Summer is here and there is nothing better than enjoying your backyard. Turn up the ambience and extend the day into the night with the enchanting illumination of Lanterns, Lighting and Fire Elements. Your backyard can be an extension of your home with these simple additions. The glow of lanterns, lighting and fire will welcome you to spend your evenings relaxing in your private oasis. The art of outdoor living.... enjoying nature, bring people together and creating memories is not complete without the romantic glow of candles, lighting and fire.


Lovely Lanterns

Lanterns  can set the mood for your garden party. Create that romantic feeling with Lanterns on a outdoor dining table, along the edge of a pool or lining a walkway. The glow of a candle immediately creates warmth and charm. Lanterns come in many styles from coastal white washed wood and lattice to vintage nautical style to Hampton style white metal or woven white bark.

White washed wood lanterns
Rustic Vintage Style Lantern
White Steel Outdoor Lantern

How to Style Your Coastal Backyard With Fire Elements 

white woven lanterns

All the Fire Elements together can transform your backyard into a welcoming gathering place for friends and family. Lanterns, Lighting and Fire elements all work best when you use a combination of all three throughout your Outdoor Oasis.  Set a fire element into a cozy seating area in the yard and sprinkle lanterns throughout from your dining table to your seating areas. Don't forget to add a few lanterns on your front porch to welcome guests. Hang interesting lighting pendants from your covered back patio.  Hang some string lights in your yard from trees or posts. Add coastal style sconce lights to your patio wall. Light your dock area with authentic ship lights.

Enchanting Lighting

Large white metal Hanging Lantern Light
Wicker Pendant Light
ship passageway lights

Coastal Style Lighting is not only functional, but it creates another layer of style.  Enjoy meals under the stars with a stately white lantern pendant on your loggia. Natural woven basket lanterns look great hung on a porch in clusters or alone. Nautical Sconces like the authentic vintage ship passageway lights can be hung on the wall of your patio or on posts bordering pathways.  Our collection of authentic ship lights are solidly made and built to withstand the elements. Our Belfast Piling Light (below) is made of solid brass. They look great on posts around a patio or down by the dock.  

Fabulous Fire Elements

Everyone is drawn to a cozy fire. There are many choices of fire elements.  

The main types of fire elements are fire elements using a propane tank, Fire Elements using clean burning Bio Ethanol Fuel and traditional firepits using wood logs. We prefer Fire Elements using Bio Ethanol or wood logs. You don't need a clunky propane tank when it uses Bio Ethanol.  It's so much more convenient to just pour Bio Ethanol Fuel than it is to have to deal with propane tanks and It's also clean burning. We love using real wood logs too. There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire. 

Copper Table with Fire Element
Concrete Bio Ethanol Fire Table
Teak Fire Table

Mixing Wood Framed Chairs or Rattan Chairs with Slipcovered Chairs creates that Coastal Hampton Vibe.

Coastal Style Fire Elements

Cement Fire Bowl
Rustic Steel Fire Pit
Steel Chiminea

Where to Buy Coastal Lanterns, Lighting and Fire Elements

When shopping for Coastal Lanterns, Lighting and Fire Elements look for retailers that are known for quality and that specializes in Coastal Style for the best selection.  Our Boat House has a huge range of Outdoor Living Essentials to finish your home in Chic Coastal Style. Other retail options are home decor stores, department stores, and antique stores.

Commonly asked questions about Coastal Lanterns, Lighting and Fire Elements...

Can you use the Bio Ethanol fire tables on a covered patio?

Yes, our Fire Tables that use Bio Ethanol are clean burning and can be used in a space that has a roof overhead. It can even be used indoors. There are many benefits of Bio Ethanol burning fire elements. It's easy to use, clean burning, portable, and environmentally friendly. Unlike heavy gas propane tanks, no tank is required for Bio Ethanol Fire Tables. Simply add the fuel to the burner and light. Bio Ethanol Fire tables can be used in places most fire elements can not be used.

 How long does Bio Ethanol Fuel burn?

After you fill the burner it can typically burn for 6 to 10 hours. Bio Ethanol is one of the safest fuels to use, but of course, you should follow all safety instructions provided on your bio ethanol fire table.