Coastal DIY:Terrarium

Coastal DIY:Terrarium

Coastal DIY: Terrariums

Spring is almost here, time to get your garden gloves out. We have a great coastal DIY for you today, Terrariums!


• Select a glass container with a top. Container should be 4 times as high as it is wide.
• Pebbles (about a 1/3 of the planting area)
• Sand (just enough to cover the pebbles)
• Charcoal (thin layer covering the sand)
• Potting soil (slightly less than 2/3 of the planting area)
• Assortment of small house plants
• Ground cover (small pebbles or moss)

1. Planting area should be about ¼ of the height of the container.
2. Layer container with materials 2-5 in that order.
3. Plant plants, the tallest in the center.
4. Water the container.
5. Cover the soil with pebbles or moss.
6. Seal terrarium with cover.

Whether you're building your own terrarium or buying one pre-assembled, the folks at Costa also provided some very practical tips for caring for it.
• Never place a terrarium in direct sunlight.
• Do not over water your terrarium. If heavy condensation develops on the glass, uncover the terrarium for a while and wipe down the glass.
• If plants need more watering they will start to droop, this is your key to water your terrarium.