Capture the Beauty of the Sea

Conjure up memories of days at the shore with Nautical Elements

Beautiful bedroom with upholstered bed

"We are tied to the ocean.  And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came" - John F. Kennedy

For many of us, the sea feels like home.  It is in our blood and replenishes us in a way that nothing else can. It is only natural to want to surround ourselves with things that remind us of what we love - and for us that is the Sea. As designers of coastal style homes, we love creating ways to incorporate Nautical Elements that capture a "moment" by the sea.  The secret to a well-designed coastal style home is Infusing nautical elements that are rich in history, tasteful and not too literal or over-done. Nautical elements range from using natural materials such as driftwood, rattan and rope to incorporating maritime lights once used on old ships. It could be a collection of sea glass in a beautiful glass jar or a chandelier made of oyster shells.  We love the way a large - scale painting of the ocean can immerse you in the crashing waves. It's no wonder that the colors of the sea are the most soothing and serene. A splash of blue, a wash of soft green, and white and sandy hues evoke days at the ocean. 


Nautical Elements

"The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free." - unknown

The wonderous thing about design is that you can choose what you love, what speaks to you, as your inspiration. Our clients are drawn to us because we share the love of the ocean.  The ocean, the casual lifestyle, the love of family time. Whether you live near the water or not, Nautical Accents can make you feel like you do. There are a variety of ways to create a subtle tribute to the sea from marine lights to rope accents.  Our authentic marine lights that once lit the bow or cabin of an old ship add rich history to any home.  They are solidly made and are equally suitable on a boat dock as they are indoors. We've used the piling lights on posts of a patio railing, as well as on the post of an indoor stair railing. Our large specimen corals are a beautiful focal point on an entry table or book shelf. We custom make tables made of driftwood and their sculptural feel are unlike anything else. They come in dining table height as well as coffee table height. We often up-light these tables to accent their sculptural beauty. The natural seagrass rope mirror creates texture and interest to any room. We have many accents made of rope and seagrass because they create that casual beach house vibe.

sea glass floats on beach
oyster shell chandelier

When we first started Our Boat House over 10 years ago, one of our first nautical treasures were the authentic sea glass floats. Our mascot, Montauk, the golden retriever, was the perfect model. We brought the floats to the ocean and he chased them in the waves. We thought, what better way to see the beauty of the sea glass floats used by fishermen for over a hundred years.  Since then, those floats have been one of our best sellers and they are used in so many applications - from a beautiful accent on a table to major installations that have them hanging in interesting ways from the ceiling.   

The oyster shell chandelier has been one of our favorites because it's made in such a beautiful way. The oyster shells are strung together in an elegant cascade. The shadows of the shells create an intricate pattern of light. Plus, who doesn't love oysters.  


Natural hand knotted wool rug in bedroom

Dinner on the beach anyone?  Crisp table linens, a porthole window used as a tray with white candles, a starfish and some seashells for accents, large linen cushions to sit on by the rustic wood coffee table. The perfect setting for a memorable dinner.

Driftwood Dining Table with White Coral 

master bedroom with white slipcovered upholstered bed and aqua accents

Photo of our design showroom in Delray Beach

Ocean Painting & Nautical Accents

The oversized ocean painting will transform a room with its breathtaking beauty. You can almost feel the salty wind in your hair. An old wood pulley makes for an interesting accent on a table. The nautical X flag pillow will bring out the sailor in you. You can use the solid brass convoy sconce on either side of a mirror in a bathroom, in an entryway or on a porch...they are strikingly rich and beautifully authentic. The white and blue canvas pillow is a fun way to keep your room casual and is a favorite sea-inspired accent. The oars hung horizontally on the wall is a wonderful nautical, rustic touch. The authentic solid brass boat cleats come in a range of sizes and we have used them in so many ways. We have used them as a tie-back for a drape with rope, as a hook to hang a towel or as an anchor for rope on the stair railing.

Authentic Old Oars & Solid Brass Boat Cleats

Living room with blues and whites and natural jute

Bringing the calming, coastal vibe into your home with nautical accents can also be done with fabrics and colors. The crisp blues and whites, the natural jute rug and our blue horizon art create a light, airy coastal beach retreat.


Can I order a custom sized driftwood table?

Yes, we make the driftwood tables and they can be made in many sizes. Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

What are the best types of furnishings for a beach house?

A beach house should be casual, easy-care, light and airy to support the way we live by the beach. Lot's of family and friends, dogs, bare feet, sandy toes, damp bathing suits and casual meals. Slipcovered furniture is a perfect solution because you can take the slipcovers off and easily wash them. Indoor/outdoor rugs are made to last and easy to clean. Rustic wood dining tables are easy to maintain and only get better with age. Make your home as easy to maintain as possible so that you can enjoy every minute with your friends and family.