10 Ways: From Coastal Christmas Decor To NYE Celebration

10 Ways: From Coastal Christmas Decor To NYE Celebration

10 Ways: From Coastal Christmas Decor To NYE Celebration

Transition your Coastal Christmas decor into your New Year's Eve Celebration.

1. Ditch the red & green. Pack up all the traditional red & green Christmas decor but keep the sparkle.

2. Simplify . Strip down your Coastal Christmas decorations for a crisp clean look that will transition into your New Years Eve Bash. The wreath has been stripped down and a few Christmas balls are hung in the center for a modern coastal design.

3. Seaside colors. Sprinkle in your coastal colors throughout your holiday design for a coastal look.

4. Add ribbon. Tie on some burlap ribbon to your Coastal Christmas decor to give things a New Years Eve update.

5. Sea Glass. Fills bowls or glass jars with sea glass or for a festive coastal design.

6. . Fill with lights for a sparkle this new years.

7. Christmas Ball Ornaments. Fill containers with the ornaments for a festive design. Your tree will look more like a new year design with just lights and without all the ornaments.

8. Silver Accessories. Gather your to create a New Years Eve tablescape everyone will love.

9. Re-arrange Your Furniture. Move your furniture into a layout that works for a cocktail party. Conversation areas work best for good party flow. These faced toward each other , pulled in closer are a perfect example of a great lay out.

10. Left Over Wine. Take those half full bottles of red wine or white wine and make a great Sangria for your party.

10 design tips to take your Coastal Christmas decor into the new year in style. New Years Eve holiday decor, 10 ways to turn your Christmas decor into party decor.

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  • Karen Marcil
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