Coastal DIY: Whale Tail Stencil Rug

Coastal DIY: Whale Tail Stencil Rug

Coastal DIY: Whale Tail Stencil Rug

(The rug shown used a bird but we think it looks a lot like a whale's tail- so a whale's tail it is)


Outdoor rug from Home Depot


Whale Tail Stencil

Paint Brush or Mini Paint roller

A few tips:
1) Roll your brush in paint and then remove the excess on a paper towel. You don't want your brush overly saturated in paint.
2) Dab the paint on, rather than roll it (a stencil brush would work great, if you have it!)
3) Make sure you let some of the stencils hang over the edges of the rug. That'll keep the pattern looking random! .

Coastal whale tail stencil DIY for your seaside patio. Make any ocean inspired stencil to change up this easy DIY design.

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