How to Decorate with Sea Glass Floats....

Sea Glass Floats were once used by fishermen to float their fishing nets and are found in the waters off Japan. After many years of floating in the ocean, these hand blown , sea glass floats develop a beautiful patina. Worn by the sand, sun and saltwater, they are aged much like sea glass and driftwood. They become collectors items and make a beautiful accent in a coastal style home..

golden retreiver on the beach with sea glass floats

Our Golden Retriever, Montauk, loved the Sea Glass Floats Too!

golden retreiver on the beach with sea glass floats

Sea Glass Floats come in a variety of colors and sizes.

 Hang the Sea Glass Floats

sea glass floats hanging over bar

Hang Sea Glass Floats from a Veranda for a great Coastal Look. Sea Glass floats also look wonderful hung from a tree or post.

Display Sea Glass Floats on a Table

living room with large sea glass floats on console table

These Extra Large Sea Glass floats look stunning on the console table. 

living room with cobalt sea glass float on coffee table

Sea glass floats on table

Add a pop of blue with this cobalt blue Sea Glass Float on a coffee table or stagger them in height by placing one on a box and the other on the table. 

Display Sea Glass Floats in a Bowl or a Tray

sea glass floats and shells in bowl
sea glass floats in wood dough bowl

sea glass float on tray with candle and starfish

A collection of smaller sea glass floats are the perfect addition to a bowl placed on a book shelf or table. Mix them with some sea shells, natural rope or just by themselves. 

Place Sea Glass Floats In A Basket 

Or In Your Landscape

small hand blown sea glass floats in basket

sea glass floats nestled in grass

Displayed in a large basket on a shelf will add a beachy vibe. Nestle a cluster of floats into a landscape to give a nautical feel.

Accentuate Your Color Scheme With Vibrant Sea Glass Floats

aqua sea glass float on rope end table
sea glass float in living room with blue accents

The Sea Glass Floats vibrant colors of Aqua and Cobalt are the perfect accent!

coastal living room with white and blue

How to Display Glass Floats

10 ways to display glass floats in your coastal home.


How to hang your glass floats:
1. Hang your sea glass floats from an outdoor veranda for a great coastal design.
2. The sea glass floats can also be hung outside from trees and posts too. This is commonly seen in coastal restaurants.



3. Display a collection of sea glass floats on your coffee table for a touch of the ocean.



4. Use a giant clam shell to create a lovely display of your sea glass.



5. Light up your room by placing candles behind sea glass floats for some coastal ambiance.



6. Use sea glass floats as a pop of color and add interest to a coastal room.



7. Sea glass floats can be used in your seasonal decor by adding them to a wreath for a coastal summer design or hanging them with garland down a staircase. They make great ornaments on your coastal Christmas tree too.



8. Add sea glass floats to your bookshelves or console table for a coastal touch. They can be used as book ends, sit on top a stack of books or all alone for a pop of color.



9. Use sea glass floats as outdoor decor for your entry.




10. The simplest way to use sea glass floats in your coastal design is to set the large ones next to a piece of furniture, on top of a table or shelf. Often times the brighter colored ones stand out and add interest.
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