January 20, 2020

Clambake Party Ideas

How to decorate for a coastal clam bake party. 10 Ways to make your guests remember your clam bake party, from clam bake table decorations to clam bake party supplies.

Coastal Clam Bake Ideas

Whether you are having a good ol' down home or a fancy style clam bake we have some great ideas to make your shindig fabulous.

With these 10 tips you will have a stylish classic clam bake design just in time for summer gatherings.

1. A large table. You need a lot of space when you have a clam bake, the main dish and sides take up a lot of room plus all of the clambake decor to showcase. Try one of our to serve your dishes on. They're easily transported as they fold up and you can line as many as you'd like in a row.

2. Seating. Various seating options are available depending on the style of party you are going for. for a classy look, while our or stools have a more casual feel and can squeeze guests in around the table and fit more.

3. Clam Bake Table setting. Lightweight nautical striped table cloths/napkins make great clambake accessories and are great to cover the table and give the party a coastal feel.

4. Lighting. Some impotant clambake party supplies include lighting. & string lights above the table are a great way to pull the ocean in and give the party a nautical ambiance.

5. Decorations. Accessories like driftwood, shells and sea glass are an easy way to dress up the table with coastal style.

6. Dishes. Blue and white nautical dishes and bowls like our , and our handmade , set the table for a perfect clam bake feel.

7. Placemats. Use our or opt for newspaper as the clambake table decorations, both soak up the mess and is an easy clean up. You can even line the plates and bowls with it.

8. Drink troth. 's can hold large quantities of drinks while still looking stylish and don't foget some fun cocktails for your guests to enjoy while also making the table look that much more inviting

9. Finishing touches. In design finishing touches style the design and make it look complete. We love to throw in seaside accessories to pull the coastal deign together.

10. The Fixings. Last but not least make sure to have all the fixings for a clam bake feast. Bookmark this page to save for whenever you need some clambake ideas. 

Coastal Clam

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