10 Ways: Throw A Great Coastal "Friendsgiving"

10 Ways: Throw A Great Coastal "Friendsgiving"

10 Ways: Throw A Great Coastal "Friendsgiving"

1. Set the tone the second guests walk in. Create a welcoming entry or foyer that invites your guest and sets the mood. You can do this by decorating a hall table or in your entry with holiday decor and .

2. Mood music. Keep the music going to keep the party flowing. A nice mix of music at a level your guests can still talk over will create a party mood. Music makes everything better.

3. Light the night. Lighting can totally set the mood. A beautiful hung over the dining table sets the coastal tone and sheds light on your party so guests can enjoy conversation. These are great examples of coastal lighting, give a nautical dining feel while the envokes a seashore design to your space.

4. Get creative with your centerpieces. A creative decorates the dining table and makes the gathering around the coastal table special. It shows your style, creativity and desire to have a wonderful gathering.

5. Assigned seating. Setting the placement of guests to create conversation and new friendships is a great way to make your party memorable. Go an extra step by making special coastal seating cards for your guests to let them know you care. These are a good example of seaside design for a coastal party.

6. Tablescape presentation. The presentation is essential in your . From the way you present the food to the napkins you choose for cocktails, it all matters and aids in creating your coastal holiday theme.

7. Comfortable coastal seating. You want your guests to be comfortable, have fun and stay at your party so give them a comfy seat. These great are a lovely example of the right seating for your "friendsgiving" party.

8. Thanksgiving Photo Props. Make your guests some fun pilgram hats or feather headbands for some fun photo opportunities. Let your guests personalities shine with this fun little experiement.

9. Let your guests take home goodies in style.

10. Thankful Cards. Place sweet little cards for your guest to write what they are thankful for. Then have everyone read theirs outloud for all to enjoy. These thankful notes in a bottle are a special coastal design idea your guests will love.

10 tips to take your coastal party or "friendsgiving" to the next level of design. A coastal Thanksgiving party desing tips for