10 Ways: Beautiful Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Wooden Wall Planters

Even the tiniest coastal patios can have beautiful gardens. All you need are a few cuttings and some wood slices to add a touch of personality to your wall. A little love and water a few times a week and your garden wall will flourish. 

Repurposed Bar Cart Garden

This repurposed bar cart patio garden is a great way to fit the garden life into your small outdoor living space.

Coastal Patio Garden Railing

Think outside the box when space is limited. This garden on the balcony railing is a great way to infuse your outdoor space with green. 

Coastal Planter Privacy Wall

Create a privacy wall with plants. Build vertical planter walls to provide a lush barrier for your outdoor space.

Pretty and practical dwarf fruit trees

Want to get more bang for your buck with your small-space garden? Be pretty and practical with dwarf citrus trees. They thrive in container gardens, providing vibrant color as well as fruit!

Some of the most popular dwarf citrus trees to grow in containers are: Meyer lemon: First imported from China in 1908, it is believed to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. The fruit has a very sweet flavor and is less acidic than a true lemon. Calamondin: Prized for its attractive shape and foliage, it produces fragrant flowers nearly year-round. It is grown primarily for aesthetics and less for actual, edible fruit. Dwarf Kaffa lime tree: The rind of the fruit and the unique double-lobed, aromatic leaves are often used in cooking.

Stepped Planters

Stepped planters maximize space in narrow garden, the raised beds set in copper containers offer a modern twist to a tiny garden.

Succulent Wall Art

Cover your patio walls with living green like these succulent wall planters to create art on the wall. This is such a beautiful way to have a garden in a small space. 

Coastal window box gardens

A two-foot-wide box will easily host four to six large herb plants or a small crop of salad greens. Try to choose plants with a variety of shapes and colors, such as purple basil, tall lemon verbena, and chives, to make the display attractive. Herbs are particularly good choices for urban window boxes, since they can be maintained with just a watering can and a pair of shears. Most herbs require minimal fertilizing. In fact, overfed herbs lose essential oils in their leaves, making them less flavorful.

Furniture Garden

Take the repurposed bar cart idea one step further and use an old dresser as tiered garden with big style. 

Vertical Shoe Garden

Vertical show garden. A shoe organizer is a great way to build a vertical garden. Not only does this garden look great and save space, it helps to keep those critters and pets out of your herbs and vegetables. You just have to fill each of the shoe spaces with potting soil or compost and then add your plants. Be sure that you choose a place for your hanger that gets enough sunlight for the plants and if there is protection overhead from rain, you will need to water them occasionally as well.

Don't let a lack of space get you down. Small coastal spaces with beautiful gardens.Try these short cuts for making the best garden choices in a compact space.


Wooden Wall Planters Photo by Viva Terra

Repurposed Bar Cart Garden

Coastal Patio Garden Railing

Coastal Planter Privacy Wall

Dwarf Fruit Trees

Stepped Planters

Succulent Wall Art

Coastal Window Box Gardening

Furniture Garden

Vertical Shoe Garden


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