Product Roundup: Sea Life Accessories

Product Roundup: Sea Life Accessories

Product Roundup: Sea Life Accessories

We love the nautical look while still being classy. We also know that this look will never go out of style and we're embracing that lovely fact. Add a bit of silver sea life to your accessories with this whimsical .

Both sides of this handmade piece are a work of art with clay barnacles, starfish and sea growth on them. Let your imagination run away with uses for these gorgeous pieces. Best part is this beautiful is microwave and oven safe!

Bring the beauty of sea life into your home with this . He is so cute!

How cute is this ? Use this little guy as a paper weight, set upon you bar or really anyway for a sweet coastal accessory.

Looking for a fun nautical accessory for your dinner parties? These are your perfect answer! Available in Blue Crab or Red Lobster, comes in a pack of tear offs!

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