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charming sea side village? 

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Designing at Our Boat House

 Our Boat House Designers provide the art of planning a design and execution of architectural interiors such as furnishings, decor and other elements of style to provide a beautiful, yet cohesive look for your home.

At Our Boat House, our philosophical thought in regard to design, is to create for our customers, the ability to distinguish their home from all others by offering truly unique nautical elements, providing a mix of styles, offering a variety of finishes and textures that all work cohesively to complete a personal home design. We have found time and time again, the way to get that relaxed feel of summer all year long, right at home, is by adding pops of seaglass green, watery to deep blues, sandy neutrals and incorporating the client's favorite pieces and colors to establish that finished product to be enjoyed for years to come. Reclaimed and recycled woods with rustic finishes can be reflected in a steel chain link mirror then highlighted by a faded blue beaded chandelier cascading over a crisp white slipcovered sofa. 

Let us create a warm, inviting, yet timeless home that isn't trendy but more transitionally you. Take the modern coastal approach if you like with aquas, glass, silver patinas on pieces with angles and clean lines or go traditional with rich woods, leather accents mixed with deep, plush white linen seating. 

Wherever your personal tastes lie, whether it be contemporary or eclectic, bohemian or refined - we are here to help capture the mood and add the drama of sea-inspired escape for your whole family to enjoy. From a simple room refresh, where we assist with those finishing touches, to a whole room/house make over - we are here to help. 

If it's a single design question OR a difficult design dilemma - we're available.

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