Coastal Home Accents

Perfect your coastal paradise

Why settle for basic home decor when you can add signature accent pieces from our collections? Add warmth, patterns and complementary colors to your coastal home seating with layers of unique pillows and cozy throws. 

Pull in some texture and character with benches, stools, baskets and greenery. You can feel your space change and come to life simply by accessorizing. 



Look no further for one-of-a-kind coastal home accents, the finishing touches that can turn your space into the perfect coastal paradise. Rather than reconfigure your whole house, use our collections of accent pieces, accessories, wall hangings, trunks and benches to add interest, texture, rustic warmth and time-worn perfection to complete your decor. Accent your home with the rich colors and exceptionally soft fabrics with our pillows and throws adding comfort, warmth and nautical style. Our selection is tasteful yet unique. Fusing nautical elements with classic colors and tones, our pillows are the perfect touch to add to your slipcovered furniture. 

Coastal Home Accents....the finishing touches that can turn your indoor or outdoor space into your private beach house paradise.  With hues from the sea, choose from-watery-greens, sandy neutrals, and pops of blue to re-create your space where ever you may be. We've taken the guesswork out of design by choosing coordinating colors and patterns that will enliven any space. We offer exclusive designs, luxurious comfort and exceptional quality for every style, no matter how grand or cozy. Let us help you create your dreamy retreat that will invite guests to settle in and relax, with an embracing, comfortable place.

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