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Looking for long term and beautiful doormat? You've come to the right place.

We offer a wonderful collection of coastal doormats that will enhance the entry to your home by adding an element of invite plus interest with color, pattern and texture.

With durable materials like PVC, rope and polypropylene the styles are endless.

See all we have to offer in Rope Doormats, PVC Doormats and Polypropylene Doormats. Perfect for the entry, backdoor, pool area, deck, balcony and outdoor shower.

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We offer a variety of outdoor rugs starting with a variety of rope doormat styles that come in many color combinations and fun patterns to suit your style. A rope doormat is usually thicker at 1" than the basic outdoor rug. The rope doormat series are hand made by a manufacturer in New England. The material is a thicker, proprietary rope blend with UV protectant combined with the highest quality resin available. The UV protectant helps maintain the color year over year but it will not prevent fading. The more sun the doormat is exposed to will hasten the fading process. 

The Rope Doormats are extremely durable, mildew and insect resistant, and unlike natural fibers, will not retain water or harbor insects. All ROPE doormats come with a manufacturer 5 year limited warranty, and many customers enjoy their doormats even longer as they are easy to maintain, just shake it or hose it clean with water. After many years of use, simply flip it over and it will look as good as new. Best used on non skid surfaces. ALL ROPE MATS ARE 1" THICK. Suggested use would be entrance to the home-front door, back door, porch runner, outdoor shower mat, pool house entry & more.

The basic outdoor rug offers less thickness than the doormat at 1/4" thick and usually comes in small to very large sized area rugs. Typically, they are made of polypropylene as well as other recycled plastics thus offering bright whites, bold colors and unique patterns such as bold stripes running both ways, chevron, ticking stripes and random stripes. Polypropylene is a popular material for outdoor rugs. What is it exactly? Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that is a very durable material developed from recycled plastics. Don’t let this fool you, because they are surprisingly soft to the touch. They are dense in texture and easy to color and maintain color well. Our polypropylene rugs come in a variety of patterns with bold colors. Perfect as an outdoor mat or use indoors in kitchen, bath or an high traffic area. They are easy to clean by simply hosing off or using a soft brush with mild detergent. 

P.E.T. stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a form of polyester that is similar to fabric. It is extruded and made into rug fibers as well as many other consumer products. P.E.T. rugs have a slightly softer hand feel than the polypropylene rugs, but are just as easy to clean at home. Great for large families, high traffic areas, homes with pets and kids. P.E.T. rugs are made of eco-friendly, man-made fibers. P.E.T. Rugs are Eco-friendly polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles; durable construction, UV-treated to help minimize fading; soft, wool-like texture; lightweight; often reversible; washable, scrubbable.