Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

No cup holders please! 

Today's sectional is all about custom, arranged seating that looks as refined and sophisticated as it is comfortable. Sectional Sofas come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Slipcovered Furniture is perfect for families who want to spread out and lounge with the convenience of being able to take the slipcovers off and wash. They come in L shape, U shape, with wedge shape or straight corner. Adding a chaise lounge to the end of a sectional provides a perfect place to lay back and put your feet up.

     Sectional sofas are basically customized comfort for group seating.

Sectional Guide

There are basic rules to follow before you invest in a sectional. One good thing to rememeber if you like to move your furniture around and change up the layout often, a sectional may not be the choice for you.

Layout & Space Planning 

 When considering a sectional purchase, the first decision is the overall shape that best fits the room. Typically the largest section of seating should be facing the main focal wall whether it be a TV, Mantle or gorgeous view. This will also help determine the layout. The room, of course, will also dictate the size chosen. Furntiure doesn't need to always be on a wall, as a sectional makes a great room divider. Be sure to allow enough space between the seat and a coffee table when using a sectional as you have to consider two to three sides meeting a table.

Between a seated guest and the coffee/cocktail table should be 18-20 inches. The clear space behind a sectional should provide a 30-36" min walkway. 

Sectional Terminology - Labeling & Pieces

When building your custom sectional, it is very important to understand and know the terminology. When you face the piece, the right arm or let arm is labeled by where it is located when facing a sofa. For instance a Left Arm Facing will be labeled as LAF. If you face a sofa, loveseat or chair without any arm, then it's considered armless. 

Sectional Pieces - Look & Style

The look and style of a sectional is defined by the arm shape, the seat style, the fabric and fill choice. For instance, a shelter arm is a high square, narrow track arm that "shelters" you. This type of arm paired with a firm bench seat offers a more modern, sleek sectional. Whereas a rolled, lower arm with a neat welt, down cushions and a light linen cover will provide a more casual, relaxed, traditional feel. If you cannot decide, browse the details of our sofas to see what the overall look is that you like and build from there.

Fill & Fabric - Cushion & Cover

Sectional Fill helps define the shape, feel and overall look of the seats as well as the fabric covering it. Sectionals are great for larger families who want to include the whole crowd when gathering, so maybe a nice down fill is a good choice for everyone to sink into. If you decide to even include the pets in your TV watching, maybe consider a nice Crypton or Sunbrella fabric to keep washing to a minimum. If you are going with a smaller-scale sectional that is a one arm sofa with a lounge, maybe consider keeping it simple with a flared, thin arm, feather cloud fill and white linen slipcover. You might be in the market for a St. Barts Sectional. Grab a book and enjoy.

Stay Connected - Parts

Our Sectionals stay connected with heavy duty stainless steel connectors. Depending on the Slipcovered Collection, the skirting may be partial on the connecting side or split. The connectors allow the pieces to stay together without sliding or moving out of place.