Bedding Buying Guide

Sheets, Coverlets, Quilts, Shams, Duvets, Skirts and more. Bedding is unlimited and we have created a buying guide to complete your bedroom style.

Bedding starts with layers of fine linens and textiles that not only serve a functional purpose, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind how the linens look with the headboard, other furniture, wall color and floor covering as it is creating the combined overall Bedroom appearance. Last but not least - we all need enough sleep to restore our body and brain to wake refreshed. So, why not do it on some amazing bedding?

1. Euro Sham: Euros are typically placed behind the Standard Sham as a background OR they can be placed in front of cases and shams. The Euro typically coordinates with the duvet or coverlet.

2. Standard or King Sham: This decorative pillow covering that fits the standard or king pillow depending on the bed size. They may be placed in front of or behind the pillows you use to sleep on. In the above photo they are behind the standard pillow cases.

3. Standard Case: Basically, a slipcover or pillow case used on the main pillow you place your head on. This case matches the sheets, typically.

4. Boudoir Sham: A small decorative pillow covering that serves as an accent to tie in pattern or style. May be monogrammed.

5. Neck Roll Sham: A small, cylindrical pillow used as a decorative addition or functional for the neck. May be monogrammed.

6. Flat Sheet: This is also referred to as the top sheet. This is the closest sheet to the fitted sheet. It is usually topped with a blanket or coverlet, then folded over at times to reveal the pattern or monogram.

7. Coverlet: A bed cover that drapes over the sides and to the foot of the bed. Coverlets are typically a pique or matelasse fabric and go over the top sheet or the blanket.

8. Duvet Cover: A decorative covering for the down or down-alternative duvet. Typically has a closure of buttons or ties for removal.

9. Fitted Sheet: The fitted sheet has elastic corners and/or sides to fit around the mattress and over the mattress pad. These can be standard or extra deep.

10. Bed Skirt: Bed Skirt are a decorative piece that fits over the box spring and under the mattress. It can be tailored, pleated or sectioned. This piece hides the box spring and the legs of the bed.


1. Stack your sleeping pillows on top of one another for a neat presentation. Image shows shammed pillows on top of cased pillows.

2 Layer a pair of decorative pillows in front of the stack of sleeping pillows. Choose a coordinating color.

3. Prop shammed pillows in front of your sleeping stack. This presents well when the stack has been fluffed.

4. Add a single decorative pillow in front of the stack. Sizing should be 20", 22" or 24" to meet the height.

5. Alternative option, layer your sleeping pillows against the headboard and then put shammed pillows in front. Finish with a decorative boudoir.

6. Start with #5 and add a second boudoir pillow for balance and symmetry.

7. Start with a pair of plumped Euro shammed pillows, next add sleeping pillows, then directly in front - layer standard pillows in standard shams. Finish with a pair of boudoir.

8. This pillow formation varies from #7 and replaces two boudoir pillows with a decorative square pillow.

9. Try a pair of Europeans or standard shams pulled slightly to the outside edge of the bed. Add a third layer of decorative boudoirs and keep them more centered for a point of interest.

10. Finally, similar to #9 but you have two Euros, two standards and then one centered boudoir. This is the most common pillow arrangement.

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