Bayside Collection

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Huntington 90" Upholstered Sofa

90"w x 42"d x 36"h


From $5,247.00
Caprera Upholstered 84" Sofa

84"w x 38"d x 33"h


From $5,230.00
Grayton Beach 83" Bench w/Trundle Bed

83"w x 39"d x 28"h


From $3,885.00
The Bayside Collection is mostly upholstered pieces that for some, also have the slipcovered option. Pieces are pulled from various seating collections to offer mainly the upholstered version for those who love the look of our seating, but are comfortable committing to the fabric that is upholstered to the frame, thus exposing the legs or offering a fitted, fixed skirting.


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