January 20, 2020

10 Ways: To have a fun backyard campout

How to have a fun coastal backyard capout

10 Ways: To have a fun backyard campout

Summer is our favorite time of the year, why not be outdoors? We think a backyard camp-out is necessary. Here are10 fun ideas for your backyard camp-out.

Sleeping in your own backyard can be fun, It's a chance to get away with your kids, let them get away from you without leaving home or just have a romantic "getaway".

Perfect summer fun outdoors, a backyard camp-out.

1. Tent: If you don't own a real tent don't worry you can set up a make shift tent. Run a strong rope between two trees and stake down a sheet or blanket over the top.

2. Sleeping Bags & Pillows: Put down a thick blanket underneath so sticks don't poke you, then layer it with throw beds, sleeping bags or blankets and pillows.

3. Flashlights: A new take on the flashlight is a lantern, it's great because you can hang it in the tent or around the outside for light. Lanterns can also be carried in for bathroom trips.

4. Activities:Try having a large activity such as an outdoor movie, dinner and games or even sing-a-long .

5. Campfire food: Smores, weenies and marshmallows are always a hit around a campfire.

6. Campfire: Make sure you have a container for your campfire in the backyard. Fire pits are perfect or use a galvanized bucket for a makeshift fire.

7. Seating around campfire: Pull out the folding chairs, floor cubes and pillows to sit around the fire.

8. Bug out: Bring the bug spray or set up citronella to keep the critters away and out of your tent area.

9. For the adults: Don't forget the wine!

10. Not just for kids: Your backyard camp-out doesn't have to be for the kids, make a romantic night out of it.

10 Ways:

To have a fun backyard campout
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