Design Tips: Guide to choosing the right slipcover sofa

Design Tips: Guide to choosing the right slipcover sofa

Design Tips: Guide to choosing the right slipcover sofa

Get the perfect slipcovered sofa while saving time & money with these tips.

1. Size & Space. How much room do you have? You'll need to decide exactly how much of the room you want your slipcovered sofa to fill. Do you have other furniture it needs to fit in the space with? Measure your space and the area you have for the sofa to go to make sure your new coastal slipcovered sofa will fit.

2. Location & Function. Decide exactly how the sofa will be oriented. What do you do the most in that space? Will this sofa be for enjoying the ocean view or relaxing and watching TV? Make sure your couch faces that direction.

3. Shape & Style. Find your favorite shape and style for your coastal home, with so many options you need to have a plan for your sofa. Square arm sofas are more formal and modern, while rolled arm sofas are casual and inviting. Sectional slipcover sofas are great for family style beach house seating around the TV. Sectionals give you more seating and can make the most of a space. Choosing a style that complements your home is made easy with our beach house collection.

4. Material of slipcover. Aesthetic is important, but functionality is key when it comes to choosing a material for your sofa. That said the brilliance of a slipcovered sofa is that you can remove the cover and clean it.

Design tips to help you choose the perfect coastal for your beach house decor. Our Boat House has every type of you could want for your coastal living.

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