Design Tips: Create A Comfy Coastal Family Room

Design Tips: Create A Comfy Coastal Family Room

Design Tips: Create A Comfy Coastal Family Room

1. White Slipcover Furniture. This stunning water front home has beautiful views from almost every room. The family room was created to reflect the coastal colors and serene setting that surrounds the home in a relaxed yet elegant style. Oversized in crisp white provide comfort and practicality for a family to enjoy. The are easily cleaned and the down seating envelops you.

2. Natural Elements. and washed wood end tables keeps the room from looking too formal and give it a collected coastal family feel.

3. Ocean Blues. Soft ocean blues mixed in with inspired by the colors of the sea give the family room that special pop of color.

4. Coastal Comfort. One of most important elements is comfort. This family room provides plenty of cozy seating for the whole family with a large in a washable linen. Again you see natural elements abound with a , and an old wood trunk end table.

Design tips to create a comfy for the entire family to enjoy. Create a family space with that is coastal beachy and most of all comfy.

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