Coastal DIY: Woven Rope Light

Coastal DIY: Woven Rope Light

Coastal DIY: Woven Rope Light


hanging planter basket (mine was $7.00 from Walmart)
sisal rope
single round outlet cover plate for a rectangular receptacle
white spray paint for metal
mini-pendant (you could opt for the standard size, as well)


1. If there is a wire crossing the middle-bottom of your basket, you will need to cut it with wire cutters. Once you have an opening in the middle, center the outlet cover and attach it to the basket with hot glue. The hot glue will not be weight-bearing; it just functions to keep things in place.

2. If desired, spray paint the basket and outlet cover.

3. Weave your rope through the basket. My basket did not allow for consistent weaving. After going around the basket once, it naturally wanted to repeat in the same manner. Instead of “weaving out, weaving in, weaving out, weaving in,” when I got back to my starting point, I had to weave over two wires, then begin the “weaving out, weaving in.” Depending on your basket, you may be able to keep weaving in and out without any repeats. There was a bottom rim on my basket, so I chose to vertically wrap the sisal at that point. You want the weaving to be tight, so this is a LONG process!

4. When you come to the end, tie a tight knot on the inside. If you run out of rope and need to begin with more, you can do this as well.

5. Attach to your pendant light fixture and connect to your ceiling. You're DONE!

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