January 20, 2020

10 Ways: Big Coastal Style In Small Spaces

10 ways to get big design in a small space. Coastal tips to make your small beach house feel bigger with style.

10 Ways: Big Coastal Style In Small Spaces

1. Slipcover sectional sofas. Sometimes bigger in a small space works better. A offers lots of seating without crowding the room.

2. A large mirror. A mirror creates the illusion of more space and adds light to the room by reflection.

3. Area rug. Anchor your space and tie it together with a . Adding an area rug to your room will make those white slipcover sofas pop, making the space feel bigger than it is.

4. Built in furniture. When possible, building your furniture into the room will give you more space to work with.

5. Ocean colors. Pull the ocean inside by with seaside hues, it will blur the boundaries of your coastal space.

6. Inside out. It goes both ways, just as easy as you can pull the outside elements in, you can extend your indoors by using your living room. This creates an extension of your space.

7. Big Design. Make big design impact with color & patterns. Don't be afraid of patterns and prints, they will add style and interest in your decor. Your space will feel bigger from the importance your bold design choices create.

8.Seating. Use ottomans and stools in your design, they take up less space and can tuck away when needed. This offers multiple, ample seating choices for your guests, making everyone comfortable- no one will notice the size of your place.

9. Hanging day beds. Suspending your furniture off the floor creates an illusion of more space. These hanging day beds are a beautiful coastal design, making your area comfy and fun.

10. Multi use furniture. This Kitchen/Dining Room banquet functions as a bench in a breakfast nook, dining seating and a sofa to lounge on. Making the most of your peices is key in small spaces.

10 ways to get big design in a small space. Coastal design tips to make your small beach house feel bigger with the right 

Big Coastal Style

In Small Spaces
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