10 Ways: Coastal Updates For Your Beach House Design

10 Ways: Coastal Updates For Your Beach House Design

10 Ways: Coastal Updates For Your Beach House Design

hung over the island will give a coastal update to your kitchen.

2. Gallery Wall. Create a gallery wall with some or framed prints for a collected coastal design update to a wall.

and decor is a simple way to update your coastal design with some sea inspired style.

4. Soft aqua ocean hues painted on the walls can change the mood and design in any room to a coastal feel.

are a sure way to create a beautiful coastal beach house design in any room. From slipcovered sofas to slipcover headboards you can create a lovely coastal look with this comfy casual style.

6. Blue and white coastal color palate is an easy way to update a room. Keep it crisp coastal and clean with a white base and add in your blues with accents like and throws.

7. A will ground your space as well as give it a coastal update. This is an easy way to create layers and coastal comfort.

8. Painted white furnishings. A painted piece of furniture seems to have a coastal shabby chic feel and will add a coastal touch to your space.

9. Mixed pattern and print bedding. Mix up some great for a coastal designer look.

10. Coastal collections. Display a collection of seashells or blue and white pottery on your dining table for a lovely tablescape and a coastal design for your space.

Give your home a coastal update in a day. Simple design tips to give your beach house a update.

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