The Beauty of Driftwood

The Beauty of Driftwood

The Beauty of Driftwood

Weathered by Water, Wind and Sand - Driftwood is Nature's Sculpture

driftwood on beach

As many beach lovers can agree, finding that special piece of driftwood that has been worn to a silvery white finish from sometimes years of floating in the surf, is a great treasure. Weathered by the saltwater, sun, wind and sand, driftwood takes on a sculptural quality.  It is beautiful by itself, but is also a material that artists use in creating furniture and art-sculptures. We are lucky enough to have discovered artisans who have created masterpieces from their collections of driftwood for generations.  They learned the craft from true artisans that crafted sculptures and functional art in the Florida Keys and as far away as Bali, decades ago. It is, indeed, an artistic skill to have the eye to place the pieces of driftwood together to create exquisite furniture and art. Each piece has to be placed just so, cut and leveled to be beautiful and functional. It is the perfect blend of art and nature. Each piece is unique and custom made for our clients. We offer a collection of handcrafted driftwood creations that are made into stunning pieces from dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, mirrors, wall hangings and sculptures to lamps and chandeliers.

Driftwood Creations

"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted and bent in weird ways, and they are still beautiful." - Alice Walker

Incorporating Sculptural Driftwood Creations in our homes emphasizes our love of the sea.  The salty driftwood elements are unique treasures that evoke memories of summer days. Driftwood dining tables and coffee tables are handcrafted to order and come in many sizes and 2 finishes - natural and white washed.  Each piece is beautifully made to last for generations. Our driftwood Orb chandelier has been a long time favorite. The scale is massive and it makes an incredible natural statement in a dining room or entry. Driftwood Furnishings mix just as well in a Beach Bungalow, as it does in an Oceanfront Estate.

driftwood mirror

The Driftwood Rectangular Mirror is made with small pieces of driftwood in a diagonal pattern creating texture and rustic natural beauty.  

driftwood octopus

The Driftwood Octopus is handmade with small pieces of driftwood.   It makes a wonderful whimsical accent on a wall in a beach house..


driftwood dining base detail

Driftwood DINING Table

The beauty of the natural twists and textures of worn driftwood can be seen in this detail of the driftwood dining table. We sometimes place up-lights or faux votive candles in the base of the table to enhance the sculptural quality at night....the results are breathtaking and great for special events.

Living room with driftwood furniture

white-wash Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood Wall Sculptures

Our Handmade Seahorse has been one of our best sellers. He's quite large - 70"h x 31'w. He greets you in an entry or has even been hung on the exterior wall of a home. He is unforgettable and brings a smile to everyone's face.

Our Driftwood Table Lamp is both sculptural and functional. This elegant and stately lamp adds organic, natural texture to any room.

Large Statement  Driftwood Pieces

driftwood wall hanging
driftwood hung over bed

We also carry an assortment of large statement driftwood pieces that we have hung as sculpture over a bed or over a sofa. We have hung them many ways and they are perfect accent or statement in any seaside home.

Our collection of driftwood cones are also great for hanging and even planting things like orchids in or turned into wall sconces. Creativity is endless with driftwood.

Driftwood is to be treasured. Let it inspire you to add some unique pieces to your home.


Will driftwood furniture last?

Driftwood furniture is made only from strong pieces of driftwood. Our driftwood tables are designed and made to hold a heavy glass top and are extremely strong. They should last for generations.

Can a driftwood table be shipped?

Driftwood tables are crated to ship anywhere in the country.

We always choose soft soothing colors for bedroom walls. Some of our favorite paints for bedrooms are Benjamin Moore Seafoam, Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace, Benjamin Moore Silver Cloud and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Where does the driftwood come from?

Artisans and sculptures of driftwood find their driftwood on a beach, just like everyone else, but there are certain places that accumulate more driftwood due to tides and conditions and that will remain a secret.

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