Our Favorite Trends For The New Year!

2023 Trends We Love!

Rich, Earthier Tones and Wood 

Living room with white slipcovered furniture and rich brown velvet pillows

As we begin 2023 we are looking at new design trends and there are some that we love. Among the trends we are seeing is the shift from lighter, brighter palettes to earthier, richer tones. Rich, velvety chocolate brown mixed with crisp blue and creamy whites are an example of the new color combinations, as well as colors like earthy terra cotta and green. The trend towards coziness and warmth is a welcomed trend that we think is really timeless. Browns and rich tones also have a positive effect on our well being because it is associated with the earth, soil and nature. They are also in harmony with any design style. Deep browns and moody, muddy tone Paint colors like Benjamin Moore's Kona and Fresh Brew and Sherwin Williams Turkish Coffee and Black Fox will be popular in home design in 2023. There will be an emphasis on wood - warm walnut and stained woods will be making a big statement in 2023.  Rich deep woods mixed with medium tone woods will be seen in furniture, floors  and accents. Kitchens will be shifting back to wood as well. Another timeless and rich combination that we love is....Rich textures. Everything from natural jute, silky velvets, to boucle' are making homes welcoming again.  Everything soft, cozy and textured is in.


Vintage is Hot!

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future."- Charlotte Moss

Vintage and Antique pieces are definitely on trend. The move towards sustainability and nostalgia is making a profound effect on our homes.  People want the feeling of warmth and nostalgia that evokes a sense of history. An appreciation of the quality of pieces made many years ago is leading the trend by homeowners and designers.  Our collection of Vintage Ship Lights create an authentic nautical feel with a sense of history. We have an extensive array of authentic old pieces from ships as well as unique pieces that look like they were made a century ago.

Traditional Elements

Traditional Slipcovered Sofa

Traditional pieces are also back in style. People don't want to live in sterile and cold spaces anymore. They want a home that feels lived in and that transcends time. We are seeing a return to traditional elements in everything from furniture to wallpaper and interior moldings and trim. Crown moldings, picture moldings, archways, and wood beams are all coming back in style to give homes more character and detail. Wallpaper is back in too  Everything from grass cloth to wall murals and floral prints are going to be big this year.

 The Majorca Slipcovered Sofa has a traditional style with deep seating and supreme comfort. ( left). 

The Riviera Coffee Table (right) has traditional balustrade legs and works well in coastal or traditional design.

traditional turned leg coffee table
blue idigo finish on traditional sideboard

The  Citrine Indigo Sideboards (left) are with delicately turned wood legs and raised panel doors that have a beautiful updated finish in a moody indigo tone. collectables that will last a lifetime. 

 The Simone Vintage Cane Chair has all the beauty of a vintage piece.

vintage cane chair
Traditional chandelier with a modern take on an oil lamp.

TheWindward Linear Chandelier (left) is a modern take on a traditional oil lamp.

The Ship Brass Hanging Light With Shade is a traditional ship light that can be used indoors or outdoors.


brass hanging light with shade

Whimsical  Decor

What's better than whimsy? The trend to bring whimsical elements into our homes brings a smile to our face.  People want their homes to have character and reflect not only their tastes but their sense of humor. After years of a pandemic and such a heavy time in our history, people crave lightheartedness. There are many ways to bring whimsy into your home, from artwork to decorative accents. or little details like decorative trims of tassels and scallop edges - anything that can make you smile.  Our triptych Octopus is a great example of a whimsical piece of art - lovely and fun!  Our collection of whimsical pillows and decorative accents like the Golden Retriever statue lying down to hang over the edge of a shelf, will help you bring whimsy and happiness into your home.

octopus triptych

Beautiful and whimsical framed Octopus giclee. 

Whimsical Pillows

Colorful and whimsical pillows

Bright and Fun Pillows


statue of golden retriever lying on shelf

Add a touch of fun to a book shelf with our adorable bronze finish sculpture of a Golden retriever. Our homes are more livable when there are playful touches that make us smile.


What is Pantone's color of the year for 2023?
Pantone just released their color of the year for 2023 - Viva Magenta. It is a red shade rooted in nature. Symbolic of strength, bravery and exuberance. The color of the year is what pantone feels represents an emergence from the years of the pandemic. Viva Magenta is a way to express ourselves - a call to courage. An emboldened color that represents empowerment, fearlessness and hope. Viva Magenta represents assertiveness, dynamism and unconventionalism.
What is the trend for kitchen design in 2023? 

Kitchens are going away from the all white sterile designs that have been so popular in the last few years. We will be seeing warmer wood tones and darker stains on kitchen cabinets. There will be more personality in kitchens with everything from rooster canasters to bursts of color and even skirted sinks. Think personality, warmer tones and quirky nostalgia.