Fall Favorite Finds For Your Beach House 

Treasure Hunt For Fall Favorites!

gate to beach

As we say good bye to summer beach days, there is a new crispness in the air and the leaves are beginning to change. While we are sad to see summer end, the fresh crisp breezes bring the joy and newness of autumn. Beautiful landscapes of oranges, reds, and yellows, pumpkins and apples to pick,  soft flannels , warm cider and apple pie. We love this time of year.  We have gone on a treasure hunt for our favorite furniture and decor that makes us think of fall.  We enjoy using richer and deeper tones in our homes this time of year.  Deeper saturated hues and rich woods are the trends this fall.  This time of year there is a nostalgia for more traditional furniture with a sense of history,  Here are some of our treasures to inspire your fall decorating.

Deeper Hues and A Sense Of History

This Sailboat Tryptych is perfect for sea lovers who want to infuse a sense of history and nostalgia.   We can just picture this piece hanging over a fireplace and lit by the warm glow of candle sconces.  The traditional style sideboard is finished in a washed deep indigo...... we love the rich tones of this piece. The rustic wood tones of the storage table makes it look like it was found in a sea captains home. It will be a treasured piece for years to come. Fall is sweater weather and making your home cozy and welcoming is a necessity...this deep pile wool rug will do just that,

Richer Fabics and Cozy Throws

deep sectional covered in dark gray fabric

Our deep and comfortable classic style Fiji Sectional will be everyone's favorite place to curl up and read a book by the fire. It's covered in a beautiful deep shade of gray.  Don't forget to include a soft throw to wrap around you.,

Vintage inspired wood and cane furniture

natural cane and wood sideboard

The vintage inspired sideboard adds a sense of nostalgia

Warm woods and Vintage Style

Collection of authentic nautical items

These warm and eclectic pieces will add a sense of history and interest. Everything from the authentic ship portholes, the sailors telescope, the wood buoy lamp and the old chest are favorite treasures. Make your home look collected over time and select the pieces that speaks to your heart.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" - F Scott Fitzgerald

Beautiful Patinas and Unique Finds 

vintage iron Propellor 

Vintage Iron Propellor

Verdigreen Copper Cauldron

verdigreen copper cauldron

The vintage iron propellor can be used as a coffee table base or a statement piece.  The verdi green copper cauldron can be used to hold firewood or a huge arrangement of dried flowers. Both these pieces evoke history and welcoming warmth. 

Santa Barbara Fire table

deck with firetable

There is nothing better than sitting on your patio by the warm glow of a fire. Our Santa Barbara fire table is easy to use and it's unique because it is smokeless.....you can use it in a covered area,


When should you decorate for fall?

September is the best month to start decorating for fall. Once the weather starts getting cooler it will inspire you to make some fresh changes. Add a little at at time such... start with adding pillows in fall colors and some cozy throws. As it gets towards October start adding fall plants and all the wonderful fresh picked pumpkins and gourds.

How do you decorate for fall on a budget?

 Just a few pillows, some dried flowers in pots, scented candles in fall aromas and gourds from your local farm stand will transition your home to fall. It doesn't need to be expensive.


What are the best colors and fabrics to incor[orate for fall ?

Let the autumn leaves and landscapes inspire the colors you incorporate....rich oranges, reds, yellows and earthy green. Fabrics live flannel, velvets, thick knits are great for fall....think cozy and soft.