Coastal DIY: Rope Chandelier

Coastal DIY: Rope Chandelier

Coastal DIY: Rope Chandelier

DIY Rope Chandelier


Metal chandelier of your choice (Any shape will do. I found mine on Craigslist, but I believe it originally came from Lowe’s.)
A pack of hot glue
1 spool 3/8 inch sisal rope (100 feet)
1 spool 1/4 inch sisal rope (100 feet)
Sharp scissors
Hot glue sticks and glue gun
A popsicle stick or wooden spoon
1 small hula hoop
1 hand saw (or jigsaw if you prefer)
Loctite super glue (or other brand if you prefer)
A few strips of duct tape

If DIY isn't for you find your favorite at Our Boat House.

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