5 Ways To Refresh Your Home For The New Year! 

1. A New Coastal Style Rug Transforms A Room

A Coastal Style Rug is a simple way to give a room a whole new look. These beach house style rugs come in everything from natural jute and wool to durable indoor/ outdoor rugs in polypropylene to PET performance threads. Not only are our coastal style rugs durable but they are also economical. They will last for years and are easy to clean. The indoor/outdoor rugs are beautiful in any room in your home or on an outdoor patio.

neutral textured rugs

2. Fresh New Bedding

There is nothing like fresh new bedding to transform your bedroom. We particularly love neutral linen bedding. Soft and inviting linen can take you from season to season. It's cool and crisp for a restful sleep.

neutral linen bedding

3. Add New Coastal Style Pillows

A few classic linen striped pillows mixed with some soft textured pillows will give your sofa a complete refresh. Neutral pillows are classic and great from season to season. Select from our vast array of Coastal Style Pillows 

coastal style pillows in neutral stripes and textures
Slipcovered chair

4. Add Greenery and Flowers

Breath new life into your rooms with fresh greenery and flowers. We love live plants, but not everyone has the time to care for them. We suggest mixing some silk flowers and plants in with a few live plants. Today silk flowers and plants are so life-like that you can barely tell the difference between live and artificial, but real plants have been found to not only purify the air, but to improve sleep quality and reduce stress.  So, get a few small real plants that are hardy and easy to grow and the for rest use silk plants and arrangements that will last for a long tie without any work. Our silk Bird of Paradise Plants are so realistic looking and perfect for filling in corners and bringing rich green life into any room. Hydrangea Flower Arrangements come in many sizes and colors...perfect on a dining table or coffee table. You can shop all our Coastal Style Silk Plants and Arrangements.

Silk Bird of paradise plant

silk hydrangea flower arrangement

5. Declutter and Organize with Baskets

Starting the New Year off by getting rid of things that you no longer use and that are cluttering up your rooms feels so good. Maybe some things just no longer work in your space but someone else could use it...donate it. Then organize your home using storage containers and baskets. Baskets look great on shelves or on the floor and can hold many of your smaller items. Make your home clutter-free and organized with our beautiful Coastal Style Baskets.

Blue and white striped beachy baskets
coastal style rattan basket
beachy baskets


I love the look of linen bedding, but is it soft and durable?
Linen bedding has been used for generations as the most luxurious bedding because it is so crisp and comfortable. It is more durable than cotton and it gets softer with each washing. 
I like jute rugs, but how do you clean a jute rug?

The fall 2022 color trends in home design and fashion are darker more saturated colors. Browns, Espresso, Bright Oranges, and slate gray.

Jute is a very strong fiber and jute rugs can be used in almost any room in your home. The best way to clean a jute rug is to just vacuum it using a brush attachment not a beater or you can just take it outside and shake it. It's best not to get jute very wet. If there is a stain you can blot it up and lightly spot clean with a slightly damp rag using just a little water and white vinegar - but do not soak jute with liquid.